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HoMedics SQM N1 Squish Massaging Neck Pillow

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good product and protector from injuries


it is comfortable and safe .. you can use it during trips


saudi arabia

most relaxing


This pillow is relaxing. It's humming isn't loud enough to be a bother with the tv on. It would be better if it included heat, but it is ok without the heat. I usually put the pillow behind me & cover up with a blanket. Sometimes I prefer a heating pad. The comforts of being able to use it in my home or in the car is very nice.


Clio, MI




It has probably been in my closet in the box for 3 years, brought a bunch for the family for Christmas. Everyone kept saying how much they loved them. Still I never open mine. Woke up with me back hurting me,dedcided to give it a try. Stop by to pick up batteries on my way to work. Used and instantly fell in love with it. Now I am sitting here pain free and my coworker has stolen my massage back pillow to use for herself. She has told me that I must now leave it here.......this is not gonna work....Iam gonna have to get her one soon! I just love this pillow!


Gwynn Oak, MD


So great


The homedics SQM N1 Squish Massaging Neck Pillow is the greatest. It feels so good on your neck when you had a long day at work. even if you just sat around the house all day, It makes you feel great. It is easy to wash and it isnt too hard on your neck. you can lay down and relaxe will it reivves you and makes you feel great. use it in a chair, use it on ur bed, use it in your car. you are gonna love this thing. you can also get it in great colors. they have red green blue pink gold white balck grey any color you can think of. they most likely have. it is good to travel with because it uses a battery. so you can take it on the go with you anywhere. if you had a rough meeting with the boss but you have to drive home and have a rough convo with ur wife. use it in the car to get ur stress out a little befor building it back up again. everyone in the family will enjoy useing this product. Everyone will want one.


Cambridge, OH


I love this item as a pillow....


I recently recieved my massager as a gift. I am not big on vibrating items for massagers. I think two hands work well and they don't vibrate. I tried the massager and I prefer to use it as a pillow when I am a passenger on a long drive or on an airline flight. It makes sitting up and snoozing in small or awkward spaces much better. I do let my 5 month old kitten play with the vibrator (which is removable) and he seems to enjoy it!


Fort Edward, NY


HoMedics SQM N1 Squish Massaging Neck Pillow

4.2 5