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HoMedics Quad Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

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Makes a Better Toy Than a Massager


I love back massages, I always have.  They are probably one of my most favorite things in the world,  Unfortunately I married a man who doesn't really like them. He doesn't like getting them and he doesn't like giving them.  Occasionally he will humor me and give me one, but I always feel like I am torturing him when he does it.  If I ever win the lottery the first thing I will buy is a massage chair, but until then I will look for cheaper alternatives.  About 6 months ago I acquired a Homedics Quad Extreme Rechargeable Massager.  The Homedics Quad Extreme Rechargeable Massager is a little hand held massager. Instead of using batteries however you charge this massager by plugging it in to the wall. It comes with a charging place that you can leave plugged in. In order to charge the massager you just place it upside down on the charging plate. When the red light comes on, on the massager then you will know that it is charging. The massager itself has an oval shape handle which is large enough for the hand to slip through it and hold it comfortably. Under the oval handle is the 4 individual massagers. The massagers are about 2 inches a piece and resemble half circles. They each point out slightly in 4 different directions. The massagers each have a blue light on them. So when the massager is on each of the blue lights are shining brightly. It looks really neat, and I guess if you are going to be massaging your self in the dark that the little lights will help you to see your massagers. The massager is attractive looking, it is black in color and sleek in design. The massager has an on and off button. Once you turn it on it will stay on until the charge wears out, so it does not have an automatic turn off.  It actually seems to run for quite a while because I have not had to recharge it very often.  The look of the massager is a bit deceptive it seems like the little lighted parts would roll around to give a good deep tissue massage.  Unfortunately all it does is vibrate. So it does not really do all that much for you.  If you have sore muscles it can vibrate a bit of the tension out, but that is about all it does.  To be honest, it looks cooler than it is actually functional.  It looks so cool in fact that my 4 year old keeps stealing it to use as a toy.  He likes to put it on the hard would floor and watch it vibrate all over the place.  He also likes to take it in to a dark room and turn the lights on, so that it glows in the dark.  I have found him several times placing it on different surfaces just to hear how the sound vibrates off of it.  Although the manufacturer says it is for adult use only, I really don't see any reason why he can not play with like a toy.  I don't see how he can hurt himself with it.  They say you should not leave it on any area of the body for more than a couple of minutes, and that might be what the fear is with children, but since he is not using it on his body, I don't see how it can hurt, so I let him play with.  At least it is getting some use.  If you are looking for a massager that just basically vibrates this is actually a nice one, and it is attractive.  But if you are looking for more than that then you will probably have to spend a little more money and get something with more features.  The glow in the dark feature of this massager is nice.  If you are just looking to get a little circulation going or vibrate out some tension this is fine, but technically I would not say it is a massager.  My son calls it a fun toy.  If this type of vibration type massager is what you are looking for it is a nice one, however it just does not do much for me. 


Crystal Lake, IL


Handy Travel Companion


This massager is great for home or travel.  It is the perfect size to tuck into your suitcase for that "less than at home hotel bed" or compact enough to keep in your vehicle for long road trips.  It is sturdy and durable, worth the price.


Memphis, TX


Great little massager easy to use


The Homedics Quad Extreme Rechargeable massager is a Great little product with lots of power .This really has helped my husbands neck and back . It is rechargeable and when in use has pretty blue lights so you can see what your doing, it holds a charge for a long time and recharges quickly . One button turns it on and it vibrates nicely and glides across sore spots with ease . It has a nice comfort grip handle for ease of use .and small enough to get in neck area with no problem. This product has saved my hands and works as good a traditional  massage.


Palm Coast, FL


HoMedics Quad Rechargeable Hand Held Massager

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