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HoMedics Programmable 10-Motor Back Massager with Heat

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Great to treat back pain


During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I became quite uncomfortable and my back ached constantly.  Due to being pregnant, I couldn't take medications to relieve my back pain so I opted for a non pharmaucetiucal remedy.  I bought this hoping for some relief and boy did it help!  It worked well attached to my computer chair so I could sit and surf comfortably while my back got pain relief.  It really helped to relieve my lower back pain.  I liked this because I could adjust the massaging effect to my desired needs.  The heat was also really great and felt wonderful on my sore back.  It also helped me to relax enough that I was able to sleep better at night and not wake up barely able to walk because of the pain.  This is a great product for those with chronic back pain, a back strain or pregnancy related back pain.  I even used this during the early stages of my labor with my daughter because I felt my contractions in my back.  Wonderful, wonderful product!  I'm so glad I bought it!


Timberville, VA


Awesome heated massager, great for busy professionals...


The Homedics 10 motor back massager gives you true comfort and comnvenience. It hooks up to any decent size chair (I recommend your desk chair) and provides several options for deep back massage. You can use the attached remote to select your desired speed and it also features heat for those days when you need a little extra or you're just feeling cold. The massage is very thorough, I can really feel it deeply kneading thru each muscle in my upper and lower back, although I would have like some shiatsu massage, especially for my neck area. Still, this back massager really addresses the knots in your back and helps you relax. You can comfortably use it while you're doing work, using the computer, eating, or relaxing and watching TV. Highly recommend!


Aventura, FL


Great stress relieving massager for back, shoulders & thighs


This product works great on my back, shoulders and thighs. I use it while sitting at the computer.The different massage styles and customized zones plus the heat provide a great stress relieving massage. It comes with a power cord adaptor for the car which is great for long trips. I recommend this inexpensive comfort for home and car.


Huntington Station, NY


HoMedics Programmable 10-Motor Back Massager with Heat

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