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HoMedics Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath Heat Therapy System

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Soft hands and pain relief in one package!


I love my Homedics paraffin spa!  I initially received it as a gift, and was only looking for a beauty treatment for my hands and feet.  I have very dry skin, and had had a paraffin treatment at a salon and loved it. However, once I received the Homedics spa and used it several times, I realized that it was a great relief for the arthritis in my hands.  It is like having a deep heat treatment and really makes my hands feel better and more limber. Of course, I find myself using it more in the winter when my skin is drier and the cold settles into my hands, but it is also great for summer-time home pedicures.  Using the hot paraffin on your feet makes them look very sleek and pampered, just like in the salon!   I have found that I can use plastic shopping bags instead of the plastic covers sold with the Homedics spa to cover my hands and feet until the paraffin cools. I just slip the mitts right over them!

Louisville, KY


Great product for working moms...


If your a woman then this is a must have for your hands and feet. You know how when you have went all day standing or even running after your kids at a playground. All you have to do is dip your poor tired wore out feet into this and you will instantly feel relief from the warmth and smoothness from the wax. It helps with cracked hands and feet rejuventating them. I love this product and for any busy mom which we all are. I would recommend it 100 times over.

Manchester, KY


what a relief for tired hands and feet


I love my hands! Really, I am blessed with beautiful hands and make it a point that I maintain them as they are that's why I apply lotion regularly after bath and after I wash my hands. When I'm in a salon, I also avail the paraffin wax treatment. A paraffin bath had been proven to soften hands, but having it in the salon is quite expensive, and that is the reason I was so happy to receive this Homedics Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath Heat Therapy System as a gift. Now I can have a spa day at home! Homedics Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath Heat Therapy System is easy to use. You just have to melt the paraffin wax that comes with it, though this may take a couple of hours, but be patient and you will love the comfort of the deep heat therapy that your hands and feet will have. Since it takes some time to melt the wax, what I usually do is turn on the system once I get home from work and then let the wax melt while I'm having my dinner and preparing to go to bed. Just in case it took you longer to do your things, you need not to worry since the system goes to a thermostat just to keep the wax warm. Once you're ready, just dip your hands and or feet one at time then cover with the liners that comes with it to prolong the heat treatment. You will definitely feel a relief for you tired hands and feet from the heat. This treatment does not only results to beautiful and soft hands and feet, it also promotes blood circulation, and relaxation for any sore muscles or aching joints. For those who are always standing, walking, use the computer, suffer Carpal Tunnel syndrome, have dry hands and feet, try this treatment and experience for yourself the awesome relief it gives!  

San Lorenzo, CA


HoMedics Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath Heat Therapy System

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