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HoMedics Glass and Silver Scale

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good and simple


safe your time and you dont need to leave your house to measure your weight

saudi arabia

Forget weight be happy.


This scale is inexpensive and looks nice, but that is all it has to offer. It randomly works. It stops mid weight test and turns off. Once I was in the bathroom and it turned on and displayed a weight of three pounds. No one was even near it. And no I do not have ghosts in my home. Performance It sometimes is difficult to get it to turn on and zero out. Durability I have not had any breakage with it, but due to its poor performance I do not use it often. Design This is where this scale excels. It is a slim design that is pretty in silver. It stores away easily in the bathroom. Ease of Use I hate using it. Sometimes as it is reading my weight it shuts off. I tap it to get it turned on so it can zero, but sometimes it zeros itself then turns off. Accuracy I am not the smallest person, but i went on the scale one day three times in a row and had three different weights. An ounce or two maybe but not a five pound difference in a one minute period. For serious dieters avoid this scale.



Not Awesome


It was on sale. It was cute. It looked great in our bathroom. And it worked!...occasionally... And that's the rub. This scale is the most finicky scale I've ever owned. I mean, thankfully it still does work sometimes, I suppose. But really who can guess when it will? I tap it one day and it works. I tap it the next day and nothing. I pick it up and gently put it back down and again, somedays it works and others it does not. I really can't guess. Performance You know, when it works, it seems accurate. That's nice, because not all scales are anywhere near accurate. But one should not assume that it will work when you want it to. On the plus side, it keeps you from becoming too obsessed with your weight. On the down side, the reason you actually buy the scale and stand on it is not to see a blank screen. Durability Is it durable? Who knows? That would imply that I know why it only works sporadically. The glass hasn't broken. A variety of body shapes and sizes have tested it out and it seems to have withstood that. Design I thought it was attractive and that it would go nicely in our bathroom. It sure did. Ease of Use Again, is it easy to use? Depends upon the day? How determined are you? How much time are you willing to put into multiple efforts to get the thing to respond? How much time do you really have? Accuracy It seems very accurate when it can be bothered to actually weigh anything. I'd give it a 10 for accuracy if it would consistently attempt it.

Aurora, CO


reliable scale


I used to have a really old scale that was almost ten pounds off, then I got this HoMedics glass scale for Christmas from my parents a few years ago. I still use it now and it is just as reliable as it always has been. I pretty much always weigh myself before going into the doctor's office and it is always the same weight or super close to the same weight. I also like that it's glass and really easy to clean. My last one wasn't and it had ridges so it wasn't easy to clean at all which was really annoying.



HoMedics Glass and Silver Scale

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