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Home Remedies Cleaning Solution & Air Freshener

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Tried this after reading it here.


While scrolling through the cleaning products I came across this and clicked on it to read more. I decided that I just had to give it a try, so I mixed up a bottle. I was pleasantly surprised, the original writer of the review was right, it does leave your home fresh and lemony smelling for a fair amount of time, and it does not leave you wondering what kind of mystery chemicals you just sprayed into the air and exposed your household to. It did work well for some very light duty cleaning, wiping down the countertops, cleaning the exterior of the fridge and wiping down small appliances. I imagine, although I haven't tried it yet, that if more baking soda was added, maybe to make it paste like, it would work as a good abrasive cleaner. I will have to try that at a later date. Performance Great for light duty cleaning and making your house smell fresh with no chemicals. Scent You can vary the scent depending on how much lemon you use. If you like the citrus smell of lemon, this should work nicely for you.



saves money and it works


I have found a great way to freshen the air and clean surfaces in my home without using harsh chemicals. I mix water baking soda lemon juice and white vinegar in a plastic spray bottle. The amounts of each ingredient vary. This mixture has a fresh lemony smell. And does not burn the eyes nose and throat they same way harsh chemicals often do. I spray this solution into the air. I use it to clean counter tops, mirrors and I also use a little on furniture. I am saving money and the environment by making my own solutiion. This may not be an answer for everyone, but it does work for me. And might just work for you.

Roanoke, VA


Home Remedies Cleaning Solution & Air Freshener

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