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Home Life

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HomeLife Magazine by LifeWay is truly an inspirational read!


**HomeLife Magazine byLifeWay** **HomeLife Magazine**is a subscription based magazine by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.  It's a Christian magazine with articles and stories encouraging and helping Christians lead a Godly life.  I have found great advice about nurturing your marriage and family and how to make a difference.    Articles range from how to grow your family's faith, have an extraordinary marriage, managing your finances and even some recipes. Home Life Magazine is a subscription that I get that I always look forward to receiving.  I never throw it out or pass it on. I like to reread some of the articles or stories that have touched me or have great advice.   Every issue covers topics on marriage, men, women, children, social activities, dilemmas and so much more. I thoroughly enjoy this magazine subscription and will continue to be a subscriber.  If you would like to subscribe to HomeLife Magazine, please visit the LifeWay website.  

Detroit, MI


Home Life: Good Housekeeping for the Christian Family


A publication of the Southern Baptist Convention, *Home Life* is a monthly magazine Christian families, particularly women, will enjoy.  Its style and tone are similar to that of *Good Housekeeping *magazine. *Home Life* includes articles designed to help the reader, whether a new Christian or a mature believer, grow in faith and strengthen the family.  Some regular features include: family devotional readings, articles on parenting and step-parenting, marriage, and financial information, household "how-to's", reviews of theater movies, DVDs and CDs, and an advice column.  The magazine is well-written and professional looking, with top notch graphics and photographs. Many Southern Baptist churches make *Home Life *available to their congregations free of charge, but subscriptions (and a sample issue) are also available at http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/mainpage/0%2C1701%2CM%25253D200973%2C00.html

Baton Rouge, LA


Home Life

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