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Home Depot Replacement Windows

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Wish I would of replaced the windows YEARS EARLIER. AWESOME


Home depot came over to show me some replacement windows.  I thought - OK but my house must be pretty tight.  The man demonstrated the "heat lamp" thought my old windows - about 20 years + -  and his windows.  SOLD ME.   I guess if I have one regret it was that I did not comparison shop - bought the first ones that came out.  I never have regreted this LARGE purchase as I have 28 windows.  The full screens - with the windows opening from top or bottom - are great.  There is also the built in "Thinie do not know what it is called - that can be pulled out stopping the windows from being forced open further when your windows are open for summer.  Would give them a 1 - 10 I would have toa give them a 15.  I also havea guaranteed for life on breakage of the windows, and screens.  I already had a dog put his paw into the screen and snag it ...  they replaced without any questions.  Great company and EXCELLENT product. 

Round Rock, TX


Home Depot Replacement Windows

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