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Home Depot
Home Depot Moving Boxes

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Cheap and sturdy.


I purchased these boxes roughly two years ago when I was moving across the country. When I purchased these boxes I was surprised at how reasonable the price was. They fold together easy and work well. In the past two years I have used these boxes twice and they are holding up great! I haven't had any of the boxes rip, and I am definitely getting good use out of them. These boxes are easy to hold and stack well.



Good, sturdy boxes for shipping


My fiancee makes and sells costumes on ebay. He ships them all over the world. We use these boxes (usually medium size) for shipping. The boxes are very durable and stand up to the abuse that shippers can put them through. The sizes offered allow for shipping most any size bulky item. The boxes are marked with "rooms" and contents areas for one to check off or write what's inside if one were to sue them for moving. They are handy and very affordable.

Elyria, OH


outstanding- withstands just about anything


When I was moving (do to the Army's needs) a few years ago I bought these boxes.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was and am with the quality of them.  First of all I only bought a few but after I found out how well they  were holding up I went back and bought even more!  They did not crack under enormous pressure.  They were able to be stacked easliy without bending or breaking and best of all they were not break the bank expensive.  We first moved 4 years ago and before I knew it we were moving again with the Army. I hadn't had time in between to empty all of our boxes and we moved to the next place boxes still in tact and fit for the second move.  After we got to our new home the boxes stayed in the family as my in-laws were moving and i passed some boxes onto them.  Others have stayed with us as attic stoorage boxes and to this day we have yet to have a problem with them at all.  They are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone at all!

Scranton, PA


Home Depot Moving Boxes

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