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Window Mount Fan
Holmes Speed Twin Blade Window Fan

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Keeping Cool For Pennies A Day


Even though I prefer the comforts of an air conditioned home, there are times when a window fan is a complete necessity. I have regular square box fans as well as a longer, shorter two fan unit that I use in my home office. The beauty of this is that I can have the window blind lowered for privacy about three quarters of the way down the window whereas a bo fan requires the window blind to be open all the way. This specific model has a two way air flow; you can have it pull air out of a room or use it to cool off a room if it is cooler outside than it is inside. The fans are not directional but you do have the option to have one or both sides running and there are separate controls for them. There is also a temperature control that you can use to have it automatically shut off when it reaches a certain temperature however this is just a dial so you aren't getting a numeric reading. This is light weight and takes up less room when you store it away for the winter. It will fit in most standard sized windows but for larger windows there are expansion slots along the side that allow you to customize the fit of it. It's relatively quiet when running but if you do not have it secured in the window it will wobble a little on the high speed. Cleaning this takes about a half hour because you have to do all of the vent slots individually and there is no way to take it apart to wash it. I don't mind cleaning it to keep it working perfectly but if you are using this to pull air in from outside you are also going to need to clean the screen in the window from time to time as it will get clogged with dust and dirt. Air Flow Excellent air flow regardless of whether you are using one or both of the fans Ease of Use One it is installed it works perfectly. Durability Mine has lasted four years of almost every day use in the summer months. Design It is long and short so you can still have privacy while it is on.




Great window fan that works well especially on humid days.


Great fan, fits in the window perfectly. Has side panel extenders to make it tight to work properly. Runs very quietly, even on the highest speed. I have it in the bedroom and use it mostly in the evenings when it has cooled down outside. It helps keep the room from being stuffy. Air Flow It has two speeds so you can decide which you need. Ease of Use It was extremely easy to install, lightweight and fits in my window perfectly. Durability Very good construction, well built. I believe it will last a long time. Design It is designed well, not bulky but large enough to work properly.


Narvon, PA


If you only want a fan for two weeks great, other wise avoid!


One of the fans, smoked and then stopped working with in two weeks of purchase. Air Flow Satisfactory for two weeks, then very poor! Ease of Use Installs in window easily. It was easy to reverse the fan for blowing in or out. Durability I think a fan should work more then two weeks. Design The design of the fan was satisfactory.


Colorado Springs, CO


Buzzamatic! It Cools A Room If You Can Stand The Hassle!


When we decided to ditch the air conditioner one summer, we started using dual window fans instead. Over the years we have used a variety of models and brands. Some of them we kept, others we replaced. The Holmes 2 speed window fan is one of the models we didn't like. The fans both go at the same time one direction. You take the fan and turn it around in the window if you want it to suck the air out. It is not really that big of an effort, but it is a hassle. This fan has two wings on it- one is longer than another. They slide into the sides. The fan itself has two speeds. The casing was frustrating for us because the window didn't hold it in solidly and the fan buzzed or vibrated. The shape of the fan is not easy to work in our double hung windows. Air Flow Airflow is good. It does cool off a room and brings in air nicely. Ease of Use I prefer to have controls on each fan and have them be able to be controlled independently, rather than have them locked into place and only function one way. I dislike having to take the fan out of the window and reverse it if I want to take air out of the room. Durability This fan lasted a year or so, but we stopped using it because it buzzed and was frustrating to use. Design Because of the casing of this fan, it would not lock securely into place in our window. I kept having to wake up in the middle of the night to try to fix it so it would not buzz or vibrate. I was very frustrated with this fan in that respect. It did push air in or out of the house, but there are so many other fans out there that are better that we finally ditched this one in favor of many window fans which are much easier to use.


Podunk, NY


Keeps me cool


I purchased the Holmes twin window fan 4+ years ago and I was, and still am, completed satisfied. It cools my living room off exceptionally well and another excellent feature is that is very quiet. It fit easily into the window without much effort and did not shake or vibrate as some window fans do. It's design is stylish and fit well with my decor. I can easily remove it and put it in a window in another room for quick cooling or to use as an exhaust to cool my kitchen off when I'm cooking. A definite must-have product and affordable for any budget.


West Orange, NJ


quality product


I have been using the Holmes 2 speed twin blade window fan(model number 8OM6) for 8 years. My mother had owned it for several years before she died in 2003. This window fan works well and in theevenings gets the room cooler than the window unit air conditioner. This twi blade fan is great for people who wat tobe cool but do jot ant the added expense of central air or a window unit in multiple rooms. This fan does not make a lot of noise, but I must turn teh televisio up a little when the fan is running.Our family has really got our money's worth out of this fan.


Roanoke, VA


Holmes Speed Twin Blade Window Fan

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