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Holmes Products HFH411 Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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I have a small space heater for my room, cause it is one of the coldest in the house. Just need it occasionally at night, cause I sleep colder than the rest of the family, but this baby does the job, it keeps me nice and toasty though out the night so that I sleep well and don't shiver

Westminster, CO


Keeps us warm


About five years ago, we moved into a larger home that had a less than fully efficient and productive heating system. I picked up a couple of these Holmes heaters on a great deal and hoped for the best. Several years later, the little heaters are both still going strong. They do a great job on smaller rooms, such as a smaller bedroom or a bathroom. They are great to get going a few minutes before getting in the shower on a cold winter morning. We have had no problems with at all. The dials are easy to use and understand and they will turn off themselves if they get to hot/overheated (which rarely happens). With all small heaters, they need to be monitored, but they really do the job heating up a small space and helping us get through the winter. I'd recommend them!

Salisbury, MD


Holmes Products HFH411 Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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