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Holmes Products HCH4305 Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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We got this ceramic heater in black at target on sale for half the original price. We were hoping to save gas bill by using a space header in our computer room, it's worked well, and we got another one for the bathroom to avoid moving it all the time. It's powerful for how small it is. It doesn't work as well in large rooms. The temperature dial works well to automatically turn it off at the set temperature. Next time I would get a heater without a fan though, our cat doesn't like the wind that comes out of it. Performance Good for its size Ease of Use Easy to use Durability No problem for 2 winters Design Small and looks good Safety I can set a temperature so it turns off when it's reached


Redmond, WA


Holmes Products HCH4305 Ceramic Electric Compact Heater

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