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Holmes Portable Swirl Grill Power Heater

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Love it!


I just recently got my Homes heater and I love it! I love the small size that is perfect to fit on my counter in the bathroom. When its cold outside I love having the bathroom heater on so when I get out of the shower I won't be cold. Or when I have to wake up and get out of my warm covers I can go get ready for the day in warmth. I have even had to turn this heater down it kicks off so much heat! For the price of my heater I am so satisfied with its performance. I have only had it a few weeks so far but I am in love! If you are cold-natured like me and have a husband that is not this is the heater for you. It will heat your room quickly without having the whole house heat on.



Holmes Power Heater


We have owned our Holmes Power Heater for about five or six years. It has run effectively and efficiently while we have owned it -- there have been no major problems with it. I appreciate the small size, which makes it easy to put in any room in our place. It does a great job heating up smaller rooms, and we have found that it is effective even with larger rooms. Our place overall isn't huge, though, so if someone had a really gigantic family room a larger heater might make more sense. This heater is a great economy model, though, and does a pretty good job of maintaining the temperature you set (rather than staying on high all night causing you to wake up over-heated the next morning). This power heater has saved us quite a bit on our heating bills.

San Diego, CA


A good little space heater


I bought this heater to help keep my son's room at a constant temperature during the winter time.  It is very small and lightweight.  It uses one main button that you can use to change the setting from 60, 65, 70, 75, or 80 degrees. You put the setting on the temperature you want and the internal thermostat will detect when the room gets to your desired heat setting.  It has a safety feature that will shut off the unit if it is toppled over. This was a great feature for me because it was going in my son's room and I wanted a space heater that was very safe so I would not have to worry about it.  I like that you can also set it to low or high on each of the temperature settings.  The heater can also be set to heat continuously without shutting off. I like this feature because it allows you to quickly heat up a room.  The one con about this heater that it is a little loud. I tried using it in my room, but when it would turn on/off I would wake up. I am a light sleeper, so this might not bother other people. It never bothered my son.  I didn't notice it increasing my electric bill. 

Massillon, OH


Holmes Portable Swirl Grill Power Heater

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