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Holmes Portable Oscillating Ceramic Heater with 1Touch

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Love this little heater, does an excellent job.


Minor problems adjusting temperature.


Mobile, Al


Works Great In Small Rooms


So I purchased the Holmes Portable Oscillating Ceramic Heater with 1Touch back in 2010. It has worked perfectly fine up until recently so I will have to purchase a new space heater. This is a great product to get if you want a heater that can spread the warmth around the area. However, it does take awhile to heat a large room so I recommend this for small spaces only. It has a range of different temperature levels and you can set it to oscillate or just be at a stand still. A nice feature is that when you choose a setting between high and low, it will warm up to that temperature, and when it exceeds it, it will stop to regulate the chosen temperature. That definitely makes it a lot easier to use and safer during the night so it doesn't overheat. Very cost-effective, like most heaters now-a-days. It is light making it very portable and the overall size is probably the height of a child-size backpack, maybe less. Overall, I liked this a lot and apart from the minor hum it gives off it is perfect for small space usage.




Great little heater


I've had this heater a few years. For a little heater it sure does it's job better than I expected. We use it in our living room which is 300 sq ft and it warms the entire room no problem. The one feature I love about it is the temperature control. You can set it on low or high. You can set it on low 70 or high 70 and it will warm the room to that temperature and then shut off. It has several different temperatures it can be set to which is great. This winter we've used it just about everyday vs the central heat to save money. Our dogs seem to really enjoy this little heater the most. They will lay in front of wherever it is place and not move. This is the first holmes product i've owned so i'm not sure how their brand is compared to others. So far though i'm very please. This thing has been dropped several times and hasn't broke or even cracked. I'm actually looking to buy a larger one in the near future. If your interested in this product I would recommend it. It's a great little heater and perfect for the price!


Norfolk, VA


Does a space heater really have to be this complicated?


Our family loves our space heaters. We have five of them throughout the house and the kids fight over which one they get in their room each winter. There is no better way to fight off a chill and "warm your bones" than to sit down at a table or desk with a little space heater under it. But this one is our least favorite. It is too complicated. Our other heaters have a dial that you turn to get fan, low, or high. That is really all that is needed for the way we use them. But this one has a convoluted thermostat system that is push-button, and push and push and push...you have to repeatedly push the button to get low or high and a specific temperature given in increments of five degrees starting at 60 and going to 80. So to get to the highest "high", you have to push it once to get it to "high" then five more times to get it to 80 degrees. Then to turn it off, you have have to hold the button down. If you hold it down just exactly long enough, then the next time you turn it on, it comes back on where you left off (nice). But if you hold it down a fraction of a second too long, it comes back on right away and messes up the setting. It's just goofy. The other thing we don't like is that the thermostat is too sensitive. If we stick it under a desk or table, it just goes right off. Pull it out in the open, and it stays on. So if you are in the market for a space heater that you let run for hours and hours to heat up a little room and keep it at some constant temperature, this one might be for you. But if you are just looking for one to turn on and get warm by then turn it off, look elsewhere. Performance It heats well enough, as long as you turn it way up so that it doesn't constantly go off. Ease of Use Do NOT like the thermostat system. Far too complicated. See above for details. Durability So far so good, but this is our first season with this one. Design For our purposes, this is not a good design. But if you are the type who turns a little heater on to heat a little room and leaves it on all day, this might be for you because the thermostat gives you lots of choices. Safety Seems okay, but don't know for sure. We always turn them off when unattended.


Talihina, OK


Excellent for TINY spaces


I got this diminutive space heater to use under my workdesk. While it works great for a smaller area like that, I wouldn't recommend trying to heat a large room with it or something. It's just not designed for that. However, at what it's designed for, it works excellently. The oscillation feature keeps the warm air moving, and the temperature adjustment, well, I just keep that maxed out. No point in having it on if it's not pumping out heat. One negative: this space heater can trip your circuit breakers if there's anything else on the line that will suck power. Thus, I can't really use it at my computer as they're both on the same circuit.


Chicago, IL


Holmes, great 1 room Heater


We have this heater to heat our living room have used it for 2 years and am very satisfied. It does a great job as a heater to heat one room. I like the fact that it offers hi and low settings from 60-80 degrees, it also has the option of oscilating or stand still.


Gadsden, AL


safe, convienent way to keep a small space warm and cozy.


These heaters are a safe, efficient way to heat a small room. Can be used overnight with timer and temperature settings without fear. Excellent product, would recommend to anyone needing supplemental heat.  Especially nice feature about this particular heater is that it doesn't need to be placed far away from walls, which allows it's use in a tight area.  Heater will "hibernate" when desired temperature is reached, and will resume when temperature falls below desired temperature.  Cost efficient way to stay warm. 


Four Oaks, NC


compact light, heats very small area


this heater heats up in a very small room so if u are in a large room then u need to be very near to it to got some heat. this is not the best of brand though i do prefer Lasko heaters as they seem to give more heat for more value for your money. this heater is too small for a big room. it wil be okay for a small bedroom wise or for student use.however it is light and portable to carry. one touch button, there is no hazard except keep away from children the cord is short wish holmes would make their cords for heaters a little longer so we can spread it in the middle of the room. i do feel like it heats one area rather than spreading heat in the room. if u want better one, go for lasko heaters.


Bellevue, WA


Use it everyday and LOVE IT!!


I use a space heater every day at work. My first Holmes heater finally went out after 3 years of use and this one has lasted for 3 years already. It has a great range of levels for the desired about of heat needed and is just an outstanding quality product! It does hum a bit but nothing out of the ordinary for a space heater.


Leo, IN


Use it in my office every day...love it!


  This little heater is fantastic.  I use it every day, and wouldn't be able to work without it.  It warms up my entire cube, which is 15 x 15.  It does blow a bit loud, so if people are trying to talk to be over the cube wall, it is hard to hear them, but sometimes I think that's a good thing.


Phoenix, AZ


Holmes Portable Oscillating Ceramic Heater with 1Touch

4.4 10