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Holmes Portable Infrared Electric Heater

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This heater doesn't stay on for more than 5 minutes


This heater does not stay on for more than 5 minutes. It gives good heat and is very quiet but I have to constantly reset it by pushing the button in the back.



The Holmes Quartz mini heater started out promising...


I purchased the Holmes Quartz mini heater, and enjoyed the first 4 days of its warmth, but on the fifth night the heater would turn on then shut off only 8 minutes after being on.  I utilized the 4 hour shut-off feature since I didn't want to over heat it since it was my only source of warmth! nothing was inturrupting the beam, I eliminated all the other sensory items i had in my room (remote control) since it was said that remote sensors could confuse the heaters sensor. Let it cool down for a half hour then pressed the restart button on  the back just like the manual said to do.  The heater wouldn't stay on for more than 8 minutes at a time. Tried this 6 times, then decided it was getting too cold in my room and knew it was time for a return. I will say that this heater was silent like it was said to be, and I enjoyed the heat it provided to my bedroom when it was in working order. I wouldn't reccomend this heater for the fact that there isn't a heat-set temperature on it, it would turn on, heat up to it's potential then turn off when you wanted it to...usually... nor is there a fan to disperse the heat so the unit wouldnt over heat itself. 

Hershey, PA


Holmes Portable Infrared Electric Heater

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