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Holmes HEPA Type Table Top Air Purifier

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Still working like brand new in one year!!


I bought my Holmes Air Purifier a little over a year ago and it is still working as good as it did the first day I got it. The reason I got it was because my allergies were getting bad and it worked great on cleaning the air of the harmful allergens. Also, the filter is easy to clean, just pop off the front and there you go. I usually just rinse it out really good with water. There is also a little thing inbetween the two knobs that help you keep track of what month you cleaned it. Since I liked it so much not long after I bought the first one I went back to the store and purchased a second one. I love this product and hope you do too!

Richland, MO


Small rooms only


I actually purchased this for "white noise" in my sons room so he can sleep, instead of the fan he was using. It is perfect for that purpose, since it is not "whisper quiet" like they say. It is in a small bedroom, and when I change the filter it is dirty so I will assume it is doing something, like taking the dust out of the air. Will say he does not get sick as much and his allergies have been calmer since this has been in his room. As for helping with an odor in the air, that is does not help with, but the fact it does catch a lot of dust I continue to use and actually recommend it to others who are looking for the "white noise" factor since it does two things for one.



Holmes air purifier doesn't add up!


The Holmes air purifier odor grabber plus doesn't add up in my opinon! It doesn't do anything as far as air purifiers go. I don't even think it cleans the air. It does make the filers dirty, but I can't tell any difference at all in the air quailty when I use it and when I don't use it. I've had it for about 10 years now and the only reason that I keep using it is becasuse I like having white noise in the background to help me sleep. I would not buy it for this reason though because you can buy a white noise machine for cheaper. You do have to change the air filters in it every few months. If you forget to change it it could catch fire potenially. Overall, I would not recomend this air purifier to anyone!

Mobile, AL


holmes air purifer odor grabber plus-hap222


just had the product for a short time and see how it realy works my husband smokes alot and so does his friends and family i have very bad lungs this cleans the air and adds better air back into the air it realy helps me alot i sleep better i feel better

Bluffton, IN


Holmes Odor Grabber really grabs odors


I've bought a number of air cleaners over the years that didn't work worth a hoot. This one does! I've purchased a total of four of these. The first one I bought several years ago for an allergic boyfriend who had a chain-smoking roommate with a huge cat. The rest of the house smelled like a giant ash tray, but with the Odor Grabber running in his room, IT was odor free. It did not however prevent waking up in the middle of the night to find the cat sleeping on your butt, lol. I purchased a second one for my own home after my son started having chronic bronchitis. I eventually found out we had mildew in the walls, but the Odor Grabber really helped my son's allergies and reduced the frequency of his bouts with bronchitis until I could sell the house and move us. It worked so well that I later bought one for my mother who has always had hay fever and asthma. And when my son moved out and took the Odor Grabber with him, I bought another one for myself. The Holmes Odor Grabber also has a built in inonizer which really helps. The air really smells fresher with these running, and it reduces dust in the air, which means less dusting of the furniture. The only draw back in that the replacement filters have gotten expensive in the last couple of years.

Springfield, MO


The odor grabber doesn't work well if you are a nasty person.


The Odor Grabber only works if you are a clean person.You would have to clean up and stay fresh. it might work if you forget to take out the trash,other than that, it won't work you have to stay clean.Like I have a friend that is so messy and uses this product in her  home.It doesn't work for her. she doesn't clean up after her self or her pets. I believe it can be used only if you are a neat freak or just a clean peson.I wouldn't use it myself,just because i see it doesn't work on her at all.Like If she leaves her plate of food on the counter  over night, You always smell the old food.Or is it she is just a messy person,sometimes I wonder.don't get me wrong I do use Arm and hammer products.I used  it for years i guess different stoke different folk.

Dallas, TX


Holmes HEPA Type Table Top Air Purifier

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