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Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier

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Works well in small rooms.


This desktop air purifier is great for small rooms but would not work in a large room. I use it in a small office at work to help keep down dust and allergens. Ease of Maintenance It is extremely easy to maintain. The filter cover just pops off and you slide the filter in. I also try to clean the whole unit periodically just to keep it working well. Dust/Allergen Removal This air purifier works well for dust and allergens. I have noticed a big difference in my office after using it. Before, there was constantly a layer of dust, and my allergies would go crazy in the spring, but both of those problems have been helped by using this air purifier. Filter Availability Since I use it at work, I buy the filters through an office supply company. I order a few at a time, and I've always gotten them on time. Durability I've used this filter for a while and have never had an issue with it. I turn it off when I leave for the day, so it isn't used 24 hours a day. Effectiveness Works well for dust and allergens, and it isn't too loud so it isn't intrusive when I have someone on the phone or in my office. Design It's small and easy to fit on a desk or in a corner, and the controls and easy to use.



Holmes Air Purifiers, best purchase for allergies & dust.


I bought my first Holmes Air Purifier for a guest room.  I have cats and my friends are allergic to them.  The purifier works so well, I bought another for my bedroom.  The various settings are great and the low setting sound is calming at night (like white noise.)  The ceiling fans in both rooms do not require cleaning as the purifier pulls the dust out of the air.

Houston, TX


Holmes Air Purifier does the job.


I am satisfied with my Holmes Air Purifier. I got it about a year ago to help with the catbox smell and it definately did the job. It clears up the smells nobody wants to smell, and its nice to breathe clear fresh air. I bought this air purifier really cheap. It is for small areas or one rooms, so I am considering buying another for the bedroom, just to clear the air. I have changed the filter once so far, so I probably need to do it again soon, but that was very simple. You can definately see the dust and all that on the dirty filter, and then compare it to a clean filter yuck!!! But I am very happy with my purchase and plan to buy another real soon. I have recommended this product to my friends who then went out to get them one.

Oakland, CA


Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier

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