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HCH4266 U
Holmes HCH4266-U Twin Ceramic Heater with Manual Thermostat HLSHCH4266U-HCH4266-U-1


This Holmes branded 1500 watt Twin Ceramic Heater delivers a wider range of powerful heat. This unit offers a Comfort Control Thermostat and two heat settings so you can adjust the heat precisely as you want it.

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Holmes Portable Twin Ceramic Heater


I have used Holmes portable twin heaters for two years. I have had three of them and they all ended up giving out after two years. The worst part about these heaters is that the cord would pop sparks all over the place before it takes its last breath or give out permanently. I did love these heaters at the beginning for they worked extremely well but about two years in, they sparked and gave out. I was watching a movie with the heater on the floor about a month ago when the last Holmes portable ceramic heater started popping and sparking out of no where. I jumped up so quickly because I just saw these orange sparks flying everywhere. I honestly thought it was going to explode. I was very scared. The sparks put black stains in the rug afterwards and the heater no longer worked. The stains did come out of the rug, however. You will know when the heater is about to spark or give out because there are signs. It first begins to shut off on its own and then you will smell this weird gas-like smell. At that point, you should quickly discontinue use of the heater and never use it again for they are going to spark and pop. Be careful with this product and don't have kids or toddler's within 2 yards of this product.



Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater: Quality & Affordable


We have two of these small Holmes Twin Ceramic heaters, and they have worked wonderfully for several winters now. One of my favorite functions is the auto shut-off once the room reaches the desired temperature (controlled with a little dial). That way the room doesn't get too stuffy hot. It is quiet and barely noticeable when it's running, so there is no distraction when it shuts off/on. I have put one each both of my toddler's rooms, and they stay just warm, not too hot, to the touch if curious little fingers try to touch them. It knocks the chill out of the room. Just don't run them for hours on end, or you will definitely see an increase in your electric bill! I would recommend these as a quality, but affordable winter heater.

Warren, OH


Useful & Warm for those Cold Nights


I desperately needed a heater since my other one just died on me. The selection at the stores were slim pickings but between the two choices this is the one I ended up picking. I really have taken to it since it is smaller than the other ones and very quiet throughout the night, that even when it turns off and on, you won't be able to notice it. I like that it has a temperature setting in increments of 5, not like my other machine where if I wanted to turn it up, I literally had to hold the button and go through each number. It also has a high / low setting, as well as an automatic turn-off once the room has reached the desired temperature. Now the only thing it won't do for me is rotate! I have to move the heater in whichever direction I need it and it doesn't come with a remote control. Other than that for what I paid, I can't complain. It is keeping me this cold season very warm and reliable. Durability Unfortunately like all things, it's lifespan comes to an end. I had it for 2 years before it went out on me.

La Crescenta, CA


keeps the chill away


I own at least three of these small space heaters(purchased end of season on clearance). And they have come in handy living in colder weather. I use them for at my feet at the computer or beside the couch or chair while relaxing. It has a thermostat that will shut it off or turn it on when at a certain temperature(although there is no actual indication as to what temperature that is). There are 2 fan speeds and it warms a small space quickly and quietly. I do wish that it had some sort of complete auto shut off(other than to disconnect from the wall) as I would love to use in my sons room while he falls asleep, but I worry and don't want to forget and leave it plugged in and running all night. It does have a safety turn off if turned over and it begins to overheat.

Blacksburg, VA


This is a nice, compact space heater.


I bought this heater on clearance two years ago and I have been very pleased with it.  It is very small (close to the size of a load of bread), and is relatively quiet.  There are two settings on it -- an adjustable thermostat, and the ability to use one or two sides of the heater.  We tend to keep the heat off in our house and so in the winter it is very, very cold.  I can put this heater by my feet, turn it on and stay nice and warm even though the rest of the house is freezing.  It can also heat up a small room (10x10-12x12) nicely as long as the door to the room is closed.  The heater turns off after the thermostat feels the room reach a certain temperature.

Portland, OR


Great buy...


I bought this little heater years ago and it is still going just as strong as the day I bought it! I recently had my furnace break down and this little heater heated up my entire rec room where we all sat comfortably while waiting for the repairman to get the furnace going again. The only thing wrong is that it squeaks a little tiny bit when set to oscilate and I can live with that! I have it running right now since I the location of my computer is in a corner where the heat doesn't reach well. This was a great thing for me to purchase way back when as it has served me well over the years and has paid for itself in more ways than one. This wasn't the first time it saved me from being cold when a furnace broke down. The last house I lived in had an old furnace that broke down about twice a year and the 1touch got me through those times as well. I recommend Holmes heaters 100% based on my satisfaction with this little heater!

Bedford, PA


Holmes HCH4266-U Twin Ceramic Heater with Manual Thermostat HLSHCH4266U-HCH4266-U-1

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