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HM1865 U
Holmes Comfort Select Cool Mist Humidifier


The Holmes HM1865-U Digital Cool Mist Humidifier has easy to operate controls that will aid in maintaining your desired comfort level. With a 1.5 gallon tank capacity and 2.4 gallon output, it’s ideal for a large room. It has a 16 hour timer and LCD digital display.

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Outperforms every expectation


The Holmes Comfort Select will far exceed any expectation that you may have. My last Holmes had been used almost daily for the past 15 years before I upgraded to this model. It is such an affordable humidifier, so efficient, so quiet and SO effective that it becomes a trusted family member. Ours has been used throughout the years for croup, sinus infections, allergies, congestion and asthma. I can't imagine our home without this humidifier to depend upon. Output Volume We have a 400 square foot bedroom, which is this humidifier's permanent home. I have never had to turn it up more than a couple of clicks to keep the air comfortable to breathe, dry hair and skin at bay and our bedding, dogs and clothing static free. Performance Holmes humidifiers outperform every other brand, hands down. They have obviously evolved over the years, but the quality remains top notch. We run ours approximately 10 hours every day and it remains whisper quiet, does not guzzle water, uses very little energy and is now operated with the touch of a button. Ease of Cleaning Change the filter, run some vinegar and water through it occasionally and wipe it off. It is that easy. Durability I have had a couple of Holmes humidifiers over the years. I bought this model to replace my 15 year old Holmes. It hadn't stopped working, but the motor was slowing down some. We have 2 others in the house that are approaching 10 years. THAT is how durable Holmes machines are. Design The design is basic, but efficient. The tanks are a bit heavy when full, but they do not leak; Ever. For something as simple as a rubber seal to last so many years and still seal tight is a testament to the design quality.




Very Dependable Humidifier


extremely dependable works awesome especially in the winter with dry heat. Output Volume We set it on automatic and it definitely adjusts the humidity to what we need. especially since we have forced hot air heat in the winter time and our sinus' dry out terribly. This humidifier helps tremendously. Performance no complaints. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Ease of Cleaning I find the filters need to be changed at least twice during the winter months and I try to clean the unit at least every two weeks. You don't want bacteria building up. I also think it's keeps the machine in tip top shape and helps it last longer. Durability We've had it for three winters and it is awesome. Totally helped our breathing at night with the dry heat. We were waking up every night with a dry nose. Now we don't. This machine is an excellent value. Design The design is fine. I don't think that it's a designer piece that adds to the decor of our bedroom but that's not why I bought it.




does a good job but too bulky


when my so started having lots of random bloody noses the doctor told us to keep a humidfifier running all the time. we first bought this product and it did a good job but the tank is bulky and you have to take it apart to fill it which made it a little inconvienent to do and the kids could not help. we found another product which can stay where it is and can be filled with a pitcher. this is also a little too bulky and did not fit tucked away in a corner which I really needed since I Have to keep it out all the time. If you only need occasional help with moisture this is a good product if you need to keep it running all the time there are better options out there..


Buffalo, NY


It does the job!


It is the winter season and I have had plenty of "dry air" coming throughout my room. This "dry air" has been nothing but trouble for my hair, skin and, for the lack of a better word, my health. This humidifier, though small, does a great job humidifying my decent size bedroom. My sinuses have improved and I have slept better ever since I have installed it. This humidifier was quiet throughout the time I have used it as well. One issue I see with this humidifier is that the filter does need to be washed quite often to prevent mold. With that said, I highly suggest one to use distilled water to prevent mold from accumulating in the filter slower. Output Volume This output for this humidifier is decent even for my medium sized bedroom. Performance It gets the job done even while producing hardly any noise. Ease of Cleaning Washing the filter is not too much of a chore. Durability My humidifier has yet to have any issues even after months of usage. Design The humidifier looks simple for what it is.


San Diego, CA


versatile and easy to use humidifier that does a great job.


It uses a cool air wick which provides a healthier output. It has a huge tank. It has digital control knob. This seems very accurate. For instance, if set on 50, it will go off at 51 and restart at 49. This unit is excellent on maintaining the desired humidity. It can be turned on and forgotten about other than refilling it every day or two. It will provide the humidity you want--not too dry nor too humid. It is fairly economical and easy to use. It seems to be fairly energy efficient. I did find it a little hard to clean the first time--but was easier now that I am used to it. It also seems safe around small children and pets. I definitely recommend this unit.


Cincinnati, OH


Holmes Comfort Select Cool Mist Humidifier

4.4 5