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Clip-On Fan
Holmes Clip-on Fan

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Holmes HACP9 Clip-on Fan keeps me cool at my desk


I work in a cubical in a large office, which means I have very little (actually no) control over the temperature at work. That means in the winter I often have to bring fingerless gloves with me so I can type at my desk without my hands going numb (we aren't allowed to have space heaters anymore; I guess they are a fire hazard!). In the summer, of course, it is sometimes far too warm, especially when the chiller on the air conditioner breaks down, which seems to happen just about every year. Luckily, I have the Holmes HACP9 Clip-on Fan to keep me cool when I need it. Most of the time, I keep it in a desk drawer so it doesn't clutter up my workspace. But whenever I need it, I can pull it out and attach it to a drawer or other surface and direct the airflow to keep myself cool. Really, the Holmes HACP9 Clip-on Fan is a pretty normal fan, but it does the job -- it has variable speeds, itsn't too noisy, and is unobtrusive.

Chicago, IL


Holmes clip on fan, more cons than pros.


I have some mixed feelings when it comes to the Holmes Clip on Fan.  I work as a cashier in a large retail store and often have to move from one register to the other throughout the work day.  It gets very hot working up at the registers and I am a very hot natured person to begin with.  I needed a fan that would be easy and convenient for me to take with me as I moved around throughout the day.  This fan seemed perfect as for size and the fact that it would clip on.  The down side of this is that it really didn't put out much air.  I couldn't even feel it unless I got pretty close to it, which is not easy to do when you are running a cash register and ringing up peoples stuff.  Still it was a bit of relief from the heat and was better than having nothing. I could at least lean close to it for a bit of air when I was between customers.  It would have been much better if it had enough power to put out something that I could feel. Another thing was that after about a month, the clamp broke, so it was useless to me after that.

Gaston, SC


Holmes Clip-on Fan

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