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Holmes Ceramic Electric Baseboard Heater

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This is a good heater for short periods of time.


I really like having this heater as a small back-up unit for very cold days in our drafty house. It is a very compact size and produces a lot of heat for the size of the unit. It heats very quickly and also blows the heat out a few feet, which is nicer than some units which just heat the unit and not the air around. What I don't like about this unit is that even though it is a ceramic casing, it does get very hot to the touch, unlike some other heaters. The unit needs a lot of space behind and on the sides due to the level of heat that the casing gets to. I would also like this unit a lot more if there was a timer system so it could be left on in a separate room w/o fear of leaving the unit alone while running. However, I think it works very well, heats quickly and to a very good temperature. I would not recommend it for anyone with small babies or curious animals as they could get injured by the heat of the casing.




This heater warms you up!


Our central heat went our one cold Sunday and couldn't get a repairman to come fix it for a couple of days.  My husband went to Wal-Mart and purchased two of these heaters.  They were better than I expected.  The heat they put off was sufficiant enough to heat out house.  I liked them because they had alarms and sensors in case they got too hot or knocked over.  We have two small dogs, a cat and small children in our home.  This was very important.  The only thing I didn't like about them was that if you ran them too long the electric cord would become hot.  They need to be checked regularly for this.  We were able to get out heat fixed so now we only use them occasionally on a really cold day to heat up the bathrooms.  I wouldn't recommend using them as the only source of heat for very long at a time due to the cord heating up but they are great for short term use. They are small and compact and easy to store when not in use.


Walnut Ridge, AR


Holmes Ceramic Electric Baseboard Heater

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