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Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier

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you will smell the oder of paradise with Holmes Arm & Hammer


first of all Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier has a very attracteve designe wih this price , very high quality with this price , i dont know how could the company do that , give us a very unique , high quality design with the least price , i never used Odor Grabber Air Purifier in my life , i was suffring from bad oders in my work , because i use chemicals , i trayed many air fresheners with no use , it caused me alot of Embarrassment , custmers say your place is cleane but try to get ride of this chemical oder , its very anoying , then it tryed aloeswood , its kind of herbs having a nice smell , the smoke of a gum or spice producing a sweet smell when burned , they use it always in the gulf area where i leave now , but also the aloeswood did not give me the result i wish , at the end one of my friends advised me to use Odor Grabber Air Purifier , but i do not know what is the best brand , and after long surch , at the end i knew that Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier is the best of all its very affordable, attractive design , user friendly , long life and it is very very quite , you can use it any where , in the bed roomes , larger roomes , living rooms , smaller rooms , and fpr the best use of this magic Odor Grabber Air Purifier you can use it for athma control , my friend wife suffer from athma long time ago , and even a very small amount of dust in the air , are any strong oder cause here much problems , i brought them Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier as a gift , and on the second day of use they were very greatful to me , she said i never sleeped deeply like that before , so i advise any one how have athma to use Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier avery where at home and at work and he will notice the differacne , if you are looking to a unique , affordable , attractive designe , long life , quite and user friendly Odor Grabber Air Purifier only one brand you should buy Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber



Acceptable But Not Ideal


I've tried a few different air purifiers that have claimed to eliminate odors and had mixed success with them so I was hesitant to try the Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier. It's a nice, small size, suitable for placing on a desk or end table. The low setting is fairly quiet and it can run while you're watching television or listening to music without interfering. On the high setting it's a bit louder, on par with a window fan, which definitely interferes with other activities. As an air purifier it does a decent job of purifying the area directly around the unit. It isn't intended for, or useful for, purifying an entire room. So, if you have a litterbox or a bowl of stinky onion dip or something and it is placed directly near it then it works reasonably well to eliminate the odor, but it's not ideal. Especially since the unit contains a fan that puts out a rather strong breeze which can blow napkins and such around. Overall, this was acceptable but really not what I was hoping for.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Great Odor Reducer For Small Areas


I actually purchased 2 of these odor grabbing air purifiers to try to eliminate the smoke smell on my back porch and to help eliminate the cooking smell after I cooked foods like cabbage, onions, fried foods, leaving my house with an unpleasant odor. The Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier worked in my home because of the size I think. It is a rather small size and the front of the purifier looks rather attractive, but the back of it, which is the brain behind this machine, is open and looks rather tacky. I had a hard time placing the two I purchased in a place where only the front could be seen, and have it circulate enough of the air in a room. I truly don't think a product can completely elimanite a bad odor, but it can help decrease the smell. I can say with the cigarette smoke smell it helped cut half the smell out and with the cooking smell, it helped reduce the odor by 70%. I've moved the purifiers in different rooms when needed, after I change a dirty diaper I will place one in the room. It's certainly worth checking out, it definatly helps with odors and is well worth the price! Ease of Maintenance Fairly easy to clean, easy to replace filters. Dust/Allergen Removal I enjoy seeing the dust and dirt on the filter because I know it's working!



Holmes Arm & Hammer Odor Grabber Air Purifier

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