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Holmes AER1 Mini Tower Air Purifier

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Great Air Purifier -Works like a pro!


I bought this air purifier after reading reviews. All I can do is give it another all star review. It works great and you can feel the difference. I turn it around as to blow the air out toward me. Works also like a fan as well as an air purifier. I would recommend this unit to anyone with allergies or is looking to sleep in comfort. Ease of Maintenance The filter last a long time. I wipe the unit down and vacuum the filter. Well made filter not cheap paper one. Dust/Allergen Removal I have bad dust allergies and this unit works great. I get a good nights sleep and don't sneeze or have trouble breathing. Filter Availability The filter is available at the big box stores or on line. Durability The unit is well made and it feels sturdy and solid. High and low speed. It is made by a well known company with a good reputation. Effectiveness I know this unit is effective because I get a great nights sleep and breath well. No stuffy nose in the mornings. The ionizer takes the dust out of the air. Design The unit is nice looking sleek design. Modern look with a handle. Sits on my dresser and does not look out of place. Nice soft blue light the shows its on.



Holmes AER1 Mini Tower Air Purifier

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