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Holloway House
Holloway House Quick Shine Finish

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Horrible Product!!!


I used the finish on laminate floors and was initially pleased with the shine it left. However, months later, spots/stains began to appear which could not be removed with laminate cleaners. I tried numerous products and spent 10s of hours trying to remove the polish.It leaves a white waxy film on your floors. Don't use!!

Dallas, TX


Makes your floors look brand new


This is a product that I don't think a lot of people use, but more should. If you have real hardwood floors, especially older hardwoods, this stuff will make them look like new. It minimizes the appearance of nicks and scratches, and gives the wood a deep, rich and even tone. It looks great when you are done.



Holloway House - A Housekeeping Holiday!


As an earlier review of mine stated,   I adore having wooden floors in my home.  Whether they're old oak, a fancy laminate or new bamboo, they add a warmth that wall-to-wall carpet just can't hold a candle to. In addition to the depth and glow they provide, wooden floors are also a dream to clean: vacuum, damp mop every now and then, and you're done.  No worries with dog hair, baseball field grit, dirt, grass or even liquid spills - it's all good on wood.   The problem comes when we have just a little too much time on our hands. Laundry is washed and folded, floors vacuumed and mopped, beds stripped and remade.  We just can't enjoy the afternoon with a good book.  No, we can't leave well-enough alone, we decide to CLEAN THE FLOORS. Ignore everything else. Holloway House Quick Shine Floor Finish is the answer to your needs: it cleans and shines your floors quickly, effectively, and durably.  It is affordable and easy to find at most markets. Your shine will last almost until the next time you lose your mind and decide that all your housekeeping chores need to be crowned with a "waxed" floor.  

Harrisonburg, VA


This stuff will make your floors look like new again.


I have used this product for years and I love it. I have worn wood floors and this stuff makes them look like new again so I always use it before a party or big holiday for a quick, easy but very effective make over. I have also used it on vinyl to make it look shiny and new and this product does not leave any stick residue or leave your floor slick, just a great shiny finish.

Chapmansboro, TN


Makes My Hardwood Floors Look NEW!!


With all the kids and pets indoors, my hardwood floors have taken a beating. But with Holloway House Quick Shine Finish, they look brand new!. We have tried all different brands of Floor shine and none compare to the results we get with Holloway. Will never buy anything else. We use it also on the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen and it made them look new also. Love this product!

York, SC




I have told many people about this product.  If you have older hardwood floors, you NEED this product.  It is one of my ultimate favorite products.  I have some dingy hardwood but I really don't have the money to refinish my floors, they are definitely dull.  I mop this on, i use a swiffer pad on my swiffer, and squirt in a sections, mop it on, and move to the next section.  It dries VERY quick.  I probably use 3 coats? It is very quick to do, as soon as it is dry (maybe 5 -10 minutes, i apply again)  It is also long lasting, i would say, my house is heavy traffic, so probably about 3 months? I could maybe do it sooner, but too lazy.  :) When you are done, your floors shine like they are brand new.  It does wear off, but thats good, because i would be too afraid if it didn't and i made a mistake, or something.  NO HARM TO YOUR FLOORS, just beautiful.

Mount Prospect, IL


Holloway House Quick Shine Finish

4.3 6