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Holland Premier

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I have had the Tradition series, Holland grille for 11 years. If you are expecting to sear meat on this grille you will be disappointed. This is a great grille if you stick to what it does well. You can cook anything on this grille but if you have a picture in your mind that a steak must have grille marks and cook in 20 you will be disappointed. Steaks are incredible cooked on the Holland grille but on the other hand a basic hot dog will take 45 minutes from the time you light it up to completion. On a cold, windy day, double the time. Nothing is fast with this grill. Tr-tip roast, seafood/fish, beer butt chicken, whole turkey, grilled veggies, ribs and burgers are always perfect.Bacon cooked on the Holland is by FAR, the best I have ever eaten. Even a medium well steak remains juicy and tender. The negatives are speed, lack of high temp and I've replaced the ignitor 4 times. I bought a Fuego gas grille to sear things but I'll always have a Holland.




The outdoor oven with the grill flavor


The grill controls are amazing and simple, yet beautiful in appearance. Performance The grill will perform as expected as an oven outdoors but with the grill flavor. This grill has a flameless system that eliminates flame ups. If you want your grill to burn your food then this is not a grill for you. The control over the flame is very easy and the grill has very universal heat control across the entire surface. Versatility The grill can be used to grill anything from hot dogs, steaks, chicken, turkey, and ham outdoors. Plus it has the ability to add additional water for adding moisture to your grilled food. You also have the ability to add wood chips or pellets for additional flavoring. I have never had a grill with this much flexibility. Ease of Use Very easy to start and operate. Only one button control for it all. Simplistic but very efficient. Ease of Cleaning If you maintain your grill with vent filters it is much easier to clean than without them. Would suggest cleaning occasionally to eliminate any build up. Durability Stainless steel construction and rust proof. Design Very efficient design with not wasted space.




Can't live without this grill.


I never knew that I could cook my entire meal on any grill but that is exactly what I do on my Holland Grill.  I never touch the stove or oven in the house in the summer because I do EVERYTHING on my grill.  A cookbook comes with each grill suggesting how to cook as well as the amount of time that is recommended for everything including meat, veggies, desserts and bread.  I have fixed brisket, chicken, fish, steaks, pork, sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it on my grill.  I've made pina colada cake and pinapple up-side-down cake.  I've made cinnamon rolls and biscuits, sauted veggies, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, anything! on this grill.  I love it and don't know what I did without it!


Flint, TX


"The perfect way to grill to maximize taste"


What a great grill.  I gave one to my other half for his birthday and we use it 24/7.  No more flare ups, moist cooked food and great taste.  This grill has it all.  Pour a couple of your favorite beer int he simmer pan, put a couple of tenderloin roasts on let them cook for 60 -90 minutes.  Melts in your mouth!  The only downside is cleaning.  They are a pain to clean...but well worth the effort it takes. 


Huntersville, NC


Holland Premier

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