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Hoist Home Gym

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Meets the strength training needs from beginers to experienced


My family (which includes four teenage boys) was looking for a home gym that would take up minimal space, was easy to adjust from user to user, and that provided a variety of strength training routines for differing fitness levels.  We made a great find in the Hoist V 5!  It is a cable-type machine, as opposed to the rods on a Bowflex.  It comes with a DVD and a wall chart of recommended exercises that provide a total body workout.  The weights can be adjusted from a very light level for the beginning strength trainer to a significant amount of weight for the advanced lifter.  The seat position is easily changed with one hand, as are the stacked weights.  We also purchased the optional leg press attachment.  The machine is fairly compact, although the leg press does require some additonal space.  The only part of the machine that I have experienced some problems with is the overhead handles/bar attachments.  It is necessary to take all the weight off the machine and pull down each cable to attach it to either the lat bar or single handle, dependent upon the exercise.  Sometimes the 'hooks' that attach to the handles or bar get turned around, which can make it tricky to get the desired attachment on quickly.  Other than that, I have few complaints and my family and I use it often.  A good investment if you're in the market for a diverse home gym!

Aitkin, MN


Hoist Home Gym

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