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HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

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I have all kinds of massagers. I like this very much and use it quite often. I used it at least half hour each day. Watching tv, reading book even when I am at work! Very good one. After each use, I feels relaxed. I recommend this one to people who sit al day long due due to the nature of work.


Blue Bell, PA


Homedics Neck massager is inexpensive and useful


I get a stiff neck when I sleep wrong or fall asleep in a chair. I needed something to help my neck get untense and more mobility. I ended up getting the Homedics Neck massager because it was inexpensive compared to the other massagers I've seen. Other family members have one so I decided to give it a shot. I didn't care about the heat as much as the massaging , but the heat's definitely a bonus. It has two levels of the massaging, high and low, and they both do wonders for unkinking my neck. I usually use the massager while in a chair so I can rest my head and neck back on something. Otherwise the massager tends to not stay in place. It has a plug to plug in the massager, but if all came to worse you can use the massager pillow as just a regular neck pillow without it being plugged in.


Northern Cambria, PA


when you can't go to a pro...


I have recently converted from a casual bicycle rider to a more enthusiast level. With this change, comes a different riding position, from an upright natural sitting position to a more progressive forward leaning position. Because of this, my neck is having to get use to being in a constant unnatural upward looking postion. In addition, because of the aggressive lean, my shoulders now have to hold up my upper body weight above the handle bars. At my age, this transistion is not coming so easily and I am often struggling with neck and shoulder pain after rides and for days to follow. I did see my doctor and the nurse gave me a massage that helped wonders, but I can't keep going to her or even a Masseur/Masseuse all the time until I get use to it. The Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager is nice relief from this muscle strain. While not as affective as having a professional do this, the massage is good but the added heat makes up the difference and helps loosen the tightness while I develop as a cyclist...


Tomball, TX


This Homedics Massager just doesn't make the cut


I have problems with my neck and back, so to me, the concept of a neck and shoulder massager was great.   I got it at a very reasonable price around Christmas (but even the regular price is not too high).   I guess you get what you pay for.   This massager does not too very much to help with tight neck/shoulder muscles.  The massager consists of two levels of vibrations -- the high setting is obviously the most effective.   However the high setting cannot be used in conjunction with the heat.  The heat is definately a plus, but the heat is concentrated at the very back of the unit -- right along the spine.   It would be useful if the heat extended further to the sides.  I do like the fact that the power is AC -- not battery, so you don't have to worry about burning through batteries, or losing strength.   The unit does not do a good job of conforming to your neck. -- if you want it to reach the places you need to feel the vibrations, you literally have to hold the unit in place with your hnds.   It would be nice if it came with more options for adjusting the fit.   The unit is not totally worthless -- the vibrations are relaxing, they just don't reach too far into your muscles.   So far, I've gotten more use out of it after workouts on areas like my lower back and legs (both hamstrings and calves) -- so don't limit yourself to just the neck and shoulders, and you might find it more useful.


Sioux Falls, SD


It feels good but can be a pain in the neck!


I bought this little massager as a reward/gift for myself and I wish two things of it: 1...that it fit the size of MY neck and...2...that it had variable heat levels. With the issue of size, I am a small woman with a small neck and I have to sit back with my neck crooked in order to hold the heat pad against my neck for any real therapy.  That can be the pain in the neck I was talking about in my title.  If only it had adjustable arms or came in various sizes to accommodate other necks it would be awesome!  The heat is great when it is on my neck but, again, that is an issue. The second issue of variable heat levels would be remodied if there was a second, more intense heat setting for that deeper heat need of neck pain.  When my neck is hurting, more heat is warranted to reduce my discomfort and this is a great little product to use if only it could get warmer. If you haven't bought one of these yet and have a small frame, don't do it.  If you are larger with a thicker neck region, this is the warmer, massager for you!   Sandy


Whitewright, TX


Great source of release


The Neck and shoulder massager is a great source of release when you dont have a set of hands around. I keep neck troubles and this has been a great buy. I can plug it up and sit and let the massager do all the work. I think I may have replaced my Husband! It has a vibrate switch or just the Shitasu balls and you can also do the heat. The heat does get pretty hot. I an arrange the massager to lower or upper neck and hold it tightly against my neck for maximum grip. It does release knots in your neck after about 15 minutes. Is great to do when you are watching television. My kids have tried it out also. I have tried neck wraps and patches and personal massages but this thing compares to all of the above. Anytime, just plug it in! There is also a foot massager and lower back massager I will have to buy also. But i would recommend this to anyone whom has neck problems and can not afford a run to a Chiropractor all the time!  


Rincon, GA


I got what I paid for.


I purchased the Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massagers with Heat today.  I have used it twice in the last two hours with and without the heat option to relieve some tension.  The unit has two buttons on the right side: one for heat (on or off) and one for massage (low or high).  The two buttons can be used together or separately. Included in the packaging is a three foot long DC power unit or you can use four AA batteries, which are not included.  I have not tested the unit with batteries yet, so I cannot comment on the life of operation.  Being a small female, I have issues keeping it around my neck even though it says it contains adjustable bendable wires it tends to keep sliding around quite a bit.  The heat is warm, but does not get uncomfortably hot.  The massager is more of a vibration type rather than pounding type that has a higher and lower setting.  It does shut off after about five minutes.


Little Rock, AR


HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

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