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HoMedics Digital Scale

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Homedics Digital Scale #411 is THE SCALE TO USE!


This is a great scale for home use. I have always loved homedics products because of their high quality, wide range of products, availability at my local stores, and their reasonable prices. I remember using an old school scale that my mom gave me but that was never accurate. It made sense to purchase a digital scale with all the technology available now. I hate weighing in everyday but at least I know im getting an accurate reading. It is great because it doesnt take up much room in my bathroom and its very sturdy so you never feel like youll break it or fall off. I love the color that it comes in as it matches my bathroom so thats a plus. You can count on some serious and throrough customer support should you ever need it which is piece of mind. I love to buy something that is reasonably priced but high quality and that can reliable. This scale is just that. It's a great buy that will last you for years to come. Great buy indeed!

Los Angeles, CA


you will not regret buying this


i needed a new scale because my old one had broken so i purchased this model. it works very well and i think it is one of the best scales that i have ever used. when i use this scale and compare it to the weight result that i got at the doctors office, they are usually just about the same so that lets me know that this is a very good scale. when i first bought this scale i was a bit wary about the price compared to the quality because the scale was inexpensive. this model is worth more than i paid for it because i have seen scales that cost twice what i paid for it and do the same exact thing that this scale does. the digital display on this scale is very easy to read and the battery lasts for a very long time too. this scale is great for any bathroom and that is where i keep my scale. i loved this so much that i got one for my best friend on her birthday and she loves it. it will be used for a long time.

Waterford, CT


This scale is incredibly easy to use and very accurate.


I wasn't so sure about this scale at first because the price-tag was a little higher than some of the other scales on the shelves but Homedics is a brand that I have always trusted and I was looking for something that had a pleasing look to it and was easy to keep clean, as a mother of a very busy 2 year old I like my home to look nice but I don't always have the time to be cleaning 24 hours a day.  This scale is very easy to keep clean and it is very accurate.  My daughter just had a checkup with her pediatrician and I weighed her before I left just to see how accurate it was and to my surprise the doctor's scale only weighed her in at 0.2 pounds heavier than the scale at home and seeing how we made a stop at McDonalds before we went to the doctor I think it is quite possible that she may have been holding onto a little more weight. It also has a great look to it that would match any bathroom decor and it's quite easy to use which is a plus as well as a busy mom we don't have time to sit and read directions everytime that we wanna see just how much weight we've added.

Arcadia, PA


HoMedics Digital Scale

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