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Hives & Honey
Hives & Honey Cheval Jewelry Mirror


A Full Length Adjustable Mirror That Opens to Become a Jewel Box

The Cheval Jewelry Mirror is a full length mirror that opens to reveal a luxuriously lined jewelry cache. On the outside, your mirror adjusts to different angles and stays where you put it. Inside are silky compartments designed to hold your rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches. The hooks are perfect for your necklaces and chains, or for scarves and other small soft accessories. Keep your jewelry inside the looking glass you will use to put it on with this clever mirror.

The Full Length Adjustable Mirror has a casual contemporary look that harmonizes with almost any decor. The mirror's frame and its hidden compartment are wood  veneer with a polished dark finish and a posh lining. The exterior knobs adjust the mirror to your chosen angles for dressing, grooming, or experimenting with jewelry and accessories. You can organize your entire jewelry collection in this beautifully designed substantial jewelry storage unit.

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Teenage obsessions


I sincerely thought this would be a perfect gift for my 16 year old daughter. Turns out that for the most part I was right. I appreciate the ability to be able to check myself out fully prior to going outside without having to take a thousand steps backwards , only to find I struggle to see clearly. The mirror is adjustable and has a fairly solid frame. I don't worry that it will come crashing down anymore. I love the jewelry spaces on the inside too. It has helped my daughter to find everything faster and the hold is quite secure. I have yet to find any negatives about it but I do catch my daughter checking herself out a bit too much. No worries, she's a teen so I suppose it is to be expected. I also enjoy that her little brother has yet to figure out it opens so he is no longer misplacing her trinkets, for now anyway. I am sure I will have to see how that one turns out in the end. For the time being, we are quite satisfied with our purchase. In time, I believe I will buy another one for myself as well.




Hives & Honey Cheval Jewelry Mirror

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