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Hitachi Nail Gun

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best out there


   Hitachi's nail gun this nail gun is worth every penny. it is the most forgiving on genetic nails. it is also the most durable of all the nail guns it lasts along time,repair can be costly but are so few that it is worth it. i have used many different brands, but this one could and does keep up. if you have a small compressor it will use the air that is supplied. some of the gun i have used could not or would not. the hatachi nail gun will use many different lengths of nails. the ability's of the hatachi nail gun is  that it is lite and very visitable in that you can nail shear, flooring, walls,studs, headers, beams, plywood, structurally metal, with it. the ability of a novice to use the hatachi nail gun is that it is idiot proof all you have to do is load the nails in the gun and start to use it. Beware it is still a tool that can hurt you or anyone if used unwisely or in play plese treat it wisely and it will serve you well   


Menlo Park, CA


Just the right tool for the job


I am a contractor with over 10 years of experience using nail guns. I started out with the Bostitch gun because it was what my brother thought was the best gun out there. He was a roofer before me, so I believed him. Then, two years down the road I started using the Hitatchi nailer and found it to be better. It was lighter weight and had a softer punch to it. It made it easier to use . Due to my hand problems, the other gun I was using bothered my hands. It was heavy and boithered the tendenitis in my wrst and the carpel tunnel I was slowly getting at the time.. When I switched to the Hitatchi gun, I saw a slight improvement in my tendinitis and carpel tunnel. Now, the two problems did not go away, I wound up getting surgery for the carpel tunnel, but it lessened the pain and problems I had with it while I was using the other gun. I was so thankful for finding the Hitatchi nailer. It allowed me to continue in the roofing industry. The gun is also very durable. I am very hard on tools and this one stood the test. I have dropped it from roofs on to the ground and found that they still keep on ticking. I was very surprised when it first fell off the roof. I thought it was a goner. I highly recommend the Hitatchi nail gun.


Rubicon, WI


Hitachi Nail Gun

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