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Hitachi Bread Machine

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Older Hitachi model but still works like a Charm!


I have an older model probably from the early '90s and it still works so perfectly! It doesn't even have a whole wheat cycle but turns out 100% whole wheat bread as good as by hand probably because the regular bread cycle lasts 4 hours and 10 minutes. This machine is a work horse and has all the bells and whistles I need. I am so happy with this Hitachi brand! Lastly this machine is very quiet during operation.

Ventura, CA


Great machine that makes delicious bread


My mother got a Hitachi Bread Machine (I don't know what model number, sry) many years ago and often uses it to make homemade bread. I suppose it depends on what bread mix you get, but everything she has ever made has turned out great. The bread comes out nice and warm, with a perfect crust. It's never over- or under-done, and since it has a delayed-start timer, bread is always served right when dinner starts. Having the delayed timer is one of the most important aspects, since you can't always come home from work to start the bread. Since there are so many different bread mixes, the flavors never get boring, and there is something to go with every meal. The only drawback is how much space it takes up in storage. It doesn't fit comfortably on any shelf we own, so it gets tucked away in a storage cabinet. But otherwise, we love our Hitachi Bread Machine, and will continue to use until we break it from too much use (probably not anytime soon, it's pretty sturdy)

Milltown, NJ


Hitachi Bread Machine

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