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Hitachi - 50V710 Television

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I am NOT impressed


  I am really pretty disappointed in the television that I just purchased.  It was this Hitachi model and I expected it to be a lot better than it actually is.  I hated the sound quality right away.  You can hardly turn the volume up at all without the sound quality getting absolutely ruined.  And forget about listening to any music on THIS television.  Any bass at all makes the speakers like buzz basically.  Also,  after we had had it for only a very short time the speaker on the right started cutting out every once in a while.  It is very annoying and every time it does i wish i had decided to buy a different television than this one.  The digital tuner also did go out on this television too.  The final problem I had with this Hitachi television is how hot it made my bedroom.  That is where I had this TV and I felt like the air conditioner had to fight against it just to keep the room cooled down.  I guess it was really OK for the money I spent but i just wouldn't recommend it.  

Glendale, RI


Hitachi Big Screen is okay.....Not excellant....


Let me give you some of the facts about this Hitachi Big Screen first. My Tv is a bit bigger than the first reviewer. My Hitachi is exactly the same but its a Hitachi 60v500. Its bigger everything else is the same. Hitachi Ultravision 60" LCD tv. NTSC-181 Channel- 16:9- 1280x720 resolution- Stereo Sound- HDTV. Closed Caption feature, Speakers 24w on each side. Ports 2x Antenna In, 3x A/V Input Rear, 1x A/V Input front, 2x S-Video in Rear, 1x S-Video in Front, 2x Component Video Output, 1xDVI, 1x A/V Out, 1x Audio out, 2x InfraRed, 1x Audio In, Demensions: 40.25 high... 63.375" Width, 20.5" depth. 132 lbs. Comes with its own Stand that looks the same as the TV with 2 shelves, is a corner shelf so Its shaped liked a triangle similar to the TV with glass shelves. Ok I love this tv because it's big the picture is crisp and very nice like you are actually in the show watching actual people in front of you with the High Def. The digital tuner has gone out once on us and it was expensive to replace!!! Every once in awhile the speaker cuts out on the right side and the sound isn't all that great if you want to turn it up and listen to some music...its quite crappy actually. The Bass sucks, theres way too many options on the audio to tinker around with and it confuses me so I just keep it at regular level and its fine with the bass turned more than halfway down because the bass just screws up the sound. Its got an auto shut off option and auto turn on so If your away for a few days you can set your television to turn on at midnight and turn off at 4 or 5 am when you know most break ins occur. Its great I love this. I have a HDMI cable that goes to my PS3 and the port is bad/faulty because it always shuts off the picture and doesnt work as its suppost to. You have to tinker with it and push on it with your finger to get it to come back on, its very frustrating! I have the tv on about 6 hours during the day and every once in awhile it smells like its burning and its very hot behind the tv, I do not have it up against a wall or anything blocking the back, it just gets very hot! It has a hidden flip down panal in the front for AV imput with S Video and photo USB port to hook up camera to it. Its got a cable card slot. Onscreen guide. Aspect Ratio has many different aspects to view your screen size in. You can do Picture in Picture and make your two channels half your screen or one picture the whole screen and the other picture a tiny square in whichever corner you want it. It also has a quick channel view of every channel you get in tiny boxes that go across the screen all at once to see whats on EVERY channel!! This tv has lots of pros and lots of cons. Its a brick to me, a heavy big lump of a tv but it does the job.

Somerset, OH


A great TV w/ lots of great features.


Loved this TV from the moment I saw it at the electronics store.  It has a great picture, with lots of features for customizing the quality of the images.  We have it with the matching stand and use it to watch HDTV & Blu-ray movies.  Again, the picture quality is fantastic.  We also have a PC hooked up to it, as well as two video game systems so you know that we're putting our set through its paces.  My only regret is that we didn't wait a year or two longer so that we got it w/ 1080p instead of 1080i.   

Van Nuys, CA


Hitachi - 50V710 Television

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