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Hill's Science Diet
Hill's Science Diet Weight Loss System

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Was recommend by my vet.


When my Bichon Frise got his yearly checkup the vet tech mentioned that he was a bit too hefty for his size. When we went to have a talk with the vet, he expressed his concern over my baby's weight. Since he was a bit too heavy for his frame, the vet recommended that I start exercising him more, monitoring his treats and he told me to consider trying this Weight Loss kibble as part of the weight loss regimen. I was hesitant to try, but I thought why not? My dog's health is the most important, so I bought a bag from my vet. Upon inspection and some online research, I found that this food is not exactly a high quality food. The food contains a lot of filler ingredients such as corn and isn't actually the most ideal for any dog's diet. Since I bought the bag already, I decided to let my dog finish it. With exercise and monitoring extra food, his weight certainly did drop. For the price of this weight loss food, I suggest you do a little bit more research and find a weight loss food that is of higher quality.



Pup a bit Blump, try Hill's Diet Kibble


When I first adopted my dog, she was skin and bones. I decided to give her a brand of dog food that the pet store salesperson said would be good to help put on weight. After one 5 pound bag, she was putting on a little weight and I thought I'd continue with this food until she had gotten a bit more weight on her as Winter was coming even though she is an inside dog. After six perhaps seven months I took her to the vet for a check up. When we walked in the door the vet happened to be at the front desk and said "Is that Sweet Pea?". I said yes, doesn't she look great? Actually the vet said she looks like she's put on some weight and after my exam will discuss her weight level. Much to my surprise, my little Sweet Pea was "over-weight'! My vet said Science Diet is one of the best and suggested to get her gradually changed over to the Science Diet Adult Dog formula. We started 1/2 and 1/2 of old and new. We added an extra 10 minutes to our walks and the result was wonderful. Now at a healthy 25 pounds, Sweet Pea is sticking to her new food and those extra minutes of our walk.

San Jose, CA


This Hills Science Diet Weight Loss system works well


Saw this product in an email I received from Hills and was intrigued. I then saw a commercial on Uverse for the product and a rebate and decided that since our mixed breed 3 yr old needed to drop about 5 lbs to put her back ast a healthy weight. Like adults she had put on her winter "coat" and it needed some trimming. Well after 2 weeks she had shed 2 pounds already. I am impressed! SHe is more active and eats everything we put in her dish. SHe is entitled to 2 packets of food and 2 packets of treats daily. Unlike when we would feed her at supper time like the rest of the family, she owuld be very finnicky as she wanted what we had, she now gobbles up her own food. Admittidly we humans are to blame for the excessive treats and table scraps, she no longer gets these and no longer gets a treat each and every time she goes out into the back yard. I will keep her on this the duration of the food cartton and then see if she loses the total of 5 lbs that we are expecting.

Chicago, IL


Hill's Science Diet Weight Loss System

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