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Hill's Science Diet
Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food

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great for older cats


We have an older cat and she was starting to struggle as she was aging. Our vet recommended this and we gave it a try. We have been shocked at the difference it has made after a few months of use. She has more energy and is moving more comfortably and like she was 3 years younger. It has been phenomenol.




Keeps my old cat young!!!


Let me start by saying this is the ONLY cat food I would consider buying... I have been having cats in my home for the past thirty years. My veterinarian started me on Science Diet cat foods from the start. There are several diferent varities within this brand that can be of a grat benefit to your pet depending on their circumstance. This is a food brand that can be altered throughout their life. I never question the quality. Quality of Ingredients My cats are now fifteen and eleven, both males and indoor. The ingredients keeps their coats fluffy and shiny. My older cat jumps all around the furniture and instigates wrestling with the younger cat. We have no problems with stomachs and throwing up. Flavor Selection Every morning both of my cats are waiting for me to fill up their bowls!! They never seem to get tired of the taste or flavor of this food. The texture, smell, and size are all things that attract them to their food bowl every day. They always eat every bite and seem to want more the next day!


Kingwood, TX


Hill's Age Defying made my 19 year old cat act like a kitten


my nineteen year old cat had curled up to die until I got him this food. Before he had stopped eating and moving around much. Afterwards he enjoyed his food and started scampering around like a kitten. Quality of Ingredients The vitimins and antioxdiants made my cat more spry and his stool was not as smelly. Flavor Selection He enjoyed the flavor. I made him want to eat.


Asheboro, NC


Great Food for Senior Pets


The wonderful folks at BzzAgent sent me a coupon for a bag of the Hills Senior Age Defying 11+ cat food to try and review. My lovely kitty is 20 years old and, of course, has slowed down quite a bit and has been losing a little weight. Being at an advanced age, I was curious to see if there would be an improvement in her appetite or energy. After checking with my veterinarian, who saw no reason why she couldn't have the food, I have definitely seen improvement in my cat's energy level . She likes to play again though for short periods of time. Her appetite has improved, she really seems to like the food and no more hairballs since using this. Another added bonus is that her coat is no longer flaky. Overall I would definitely recommend this food and I will continue to feed it to my pet. I would suggest using the feeding guide which will help transition your pet within the first 7 days to eat the food without rejecting it (essentially you are mixing it with your current food at different ratios). The food is somewhat expensive but well worth it. Overall, I would feel confident in recommending this food


Tampa, FL


My Senior Cat Loved It


As a member of BzzAgent, I was fortunate enough to receive a coupon to try this Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food. My cat is 13 years old, & has some trouble with her teeth that makes it hard for her to eat other dry foods. Upon opening the bag, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much smaller the kibble is. I took my time to transition her to the new food, but she was ready to dig into the Science Diet right away. She loved it, & has no trouble chewing it! Of course, as happy as I was to know she liked the food, I was also interested in the health benefits. I appreciate that the food contains antioxidants to hep defend her body & brain against the effects of aging, plus has fish oils & Omega 6 fatty acids to help promote a shiny, healthy coat & soft skin. In addition, it has high levels of protein to build lean muscle mass, and optimal levels of sodium, magnesium, & phosphorous for bladder health. My cat has been eating this food for about a month now, & she continues to enjoy it, and I've already seen some positive results, as her coat is shinier, & she seems more interactive with us. The food is higher priced than some other cat foods, but I believe it really makes a positive difference for senior cats.


Thompson, CT




I am a buzz agent and got a bag of this to try. The transistion from Frisky's was super easy. This food has small kibble, looks appetizing (even to a human). Doesn't contain a bunch of harsh dyes. Doesn't have a strong cat food odor. My cat Daisy eats it all up. Normally if she doesn't like a dry food she'll leave it in the bowl. But she seems to really enjoy it. It's been about 10 days since she's been on it, too early to tell if it's making a difference in her appearance or vitality. But I can say her poop is less and less stinky. I think it makes a difference feeding them a high quality food. You won't be disappointed and neither will your cat. I think it's worth the higher cost.


Glendale, AZ


Just an "OK" Review


I have two cats: One is an elderly, finicky, but sweet, male cat (Buster), and the other is a young female rescue cat (Blanca Lily Twikletoes). Both cats eat their dry food from the same bowl, which is left down for them all day to nibble. Because only one cat is elderly, as well as finicky, I didn't want to use the Hill's Senior 11+ Age Defying solely (1) because my older cat would resent the food change and not eat and (2) I didn't think the food would be suitable for a young cat. Getting the cats to eat from exclusive bowls was not an option! So, I simply mixed the Hill's Senior 11+ Age Defying with their regular ProPlan dry food, and they have both been eating it right up until both bags were finished. Problem is, I can't see that the Hill's Senior 11+ Age Defying did all that much for my older cat. He doesn't seem more energetic or more playful than he usually does, and that may be because I wasn't able to feed it to him exclusively. Your "mileage" may vary :-) To sum up, I think they both liked it because they didn't have any problem eating it mixed into their regular food, but I haven't seen any health benefits from a 50/50 mix.


Springfield, PA


Brought some energy back to my kitty


I was given a sample of the new Science Diet cat food and was anxious to try it. My cat, who is now 12 years old, has really been showing his age lateley. He's overweight, has little energy, and seems to have achy joints. After standing up after sitting or lying down for awhile, he is always stiff, and takes a little while to get "warmed up". He's also been having difficulty going up steps, and avoids them whenever possible. A couple of weeks after starting the food, though, I noticed he didn't seem as stiff. He also voluntarily came upstairs and kept me company while I was doing some work. He hasn't lost any weight, but that could also be my fault. I have a tendency to over-feed him because he's a major whiner when he's hungry. But I feel optimistic that his quality of life will be better while he's on this food.


Wellington, CO


My cat loves this and it's good for her.


I have had my one cat for 18 years.  So she's getting to be an old lady.  A few years ago I took her to the vet becasue I had some concerns.  She was losing weight and vomiting a lot.  I had tried different foods.  I even tried foods with hairball treatment in it.  Nothing was working.  I was getting very nervous.  The vet told me about Hill's Science Diet cat food for mature cats.  She explained the importance of the food versus my cat's age and the benefits of this food. I went to Pet Smart and bough a small bag to try it out.  My cat loved it.  So when the bag was empty I went back to Pet Smart and bought a bigger bag. It has worked so well.  She is not vomiting.  She has gained weight back.  She is a healthy weight, not overweight or underweight. I am very happy I made the vet appointment and was told about Hill's Science Diet.  All of the bloodwork they have performed, the results have improved greatly.  She has a  renal panel done every year.   I would recommend Hill's Science Diet to pet owners.  It is more expensive, but it is well worth the money.  My cat is worth spending the money for.


Buffalo, NY


Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food

4.7 9