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Dry Dog Food
Hill's Science Diet
Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Dog Food

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My Dog Loves Science Diet Oral Care


I bought this for my dog last fall, and while he has been transitioning to Science Diet Lite, he absolutely loves this food.  My dog is a lab/collie mix and is four years old.  I also have to say that I am extremely impressed with all of the positive aspects of feeding this food to my dog.  My dog has extremely soft and shiny fur, extremely clean looking teeth (plus we brush them), regular bathroom habits, and he also has lots of energy.  I have always been feeding my dog Science Diet since we've adopted him as a puppy, and he has always been extremely healthy - as determined by the vet - as well as extremely healthy looking.  I also have to agree that this food makes really great treats.  Since my dog has been transitioning to Science Diet Lite, he has also been enjoying this food as a nice decent sized treat.  I really like the size of the food compared to the other sizes as well.  The food is much larger than most, so the dog really has to slow down to eat.  The size also helps make it a really good treat.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this food.

Cedar Falls, IA


Keeps canine teeth clean and makes a great treat for your dog


I recently bought this dog food and my veterinarians office. Although I have not been using it as my dogs primary dog food. I still use Science diet as his primary food but I use these nuggets as treats for my dog. I give him one daily in addition to his teeth brushing to reduce tarter. My dog loves these.They are crunchy so he is cleaning his teeth everytime he chews them  They are actually quite large so it works great as a treat and dogs love them. Of course you can use these are your dogs primary food sour e as it has all the daily nutritional values needed. I have noticed since using it that my dogs teeth look much whiter and his breath is not stinky. Its a little on the pricey side but usually you can find a coupon. Also if you just use them as treats daily the bag can go a very long way. One downside is that it doesn't really come in a medium size bag, so either buy the small to try out or get a storage container to keep the food fresh****

Bristol, VT


Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Dog Food

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