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Dry Dog Food
Hill's Prescription Diet
Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Canine Mobility Dry Dog Food

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Great food for our dog


I must first state that we were given this dog food by our Veterinarian. Our dog we adopted was severely overweight when we got her. Our goal was for our little pug to lose eighteen pounds, almost half her body weight! We did it through dieting and exercise and when she finally lost all the weight needed (about two years later after adopting her) our Vet gave us a bag of this dog food to try out as a congratulations. Our dog is not a picky eater so she did not have any problems when we switched over to the sample bag of this dog food. The reason our Vet recommended this dog food is because our little pug is older and starting to have back and hip problems. It seemed like when we had her on this food, it helped with her mobility though. She didn't seem as stiff when getting up after laying down, and it seemed like her joints are not bothering her as bad. On the downside this food is VERY expensive. After we used up our sample bag, I was convinced we needed to get her the big bag at the Vet. But after seeing the price tag compared to the Pedigree we had been feeding her, I decided we would just continue with the anti-inflammatory we had given her before and the cheaper dog food. If you have this in your budget you will definitely see a difference in your dog though!



A must for a senior dog with arthritis


This dog food is amazing. My senior foster could not stand up ,I gave her this dog food in a dry formula and she got right up off the floor and walked all over the house within two weeks. It made her dull fur shine .It really helps with dry flakey skin. Quality of Ingredients No fillers just great ingredients. Flavor Selection It has a flavor that even your most picky eaters will love.

Indianapolis, IN


Prescription Diet - Really?


Any diet can be prescribed:The ingredients on the back of this are no different from normal dog food.  Yes, they use different amounts, but it is still the same crap.  The fact that they are marketing it as a PRESCRIPTION DIET should set some alarms off in your head.  Who wouldn't want their pet eating a veternarian prescribed diet.  It is marketing.  Don't let them play you like a fiddle.  There are plenty of holistic foods out there that are as good, if not better.  Ask your "vet" about alternatives.  If they don't know of any, then you should quesiton their education.http://www.naturapet.com/

Milton, FL


After trying all meds, this is the best at improving joint pain


After working with my vet to find a solution for my dog's arthritis, this was by far the best thing for him.  He was only 9 when he started having aches and pains that would wake him up or make him whine when getting up.  He even was becoming fearful of stairs.  He does not have hip dysplasia or any other medical issues, just severe joint pain from arthritis mostly in the front legs.  You could even hear the bones cracking when you move his legs.   We tried him on the J/D diet (dry food only)  and it worked almost instantly.  It has also been a long term solution and he has reagained much more movement in his joints and that  was 3 years ago.  He is still going strong but age does catch up with you and he is getting a little stiff.  Along with cosequin, the dry food is the only thing he gets for joint pain.  None of the other pills helped or it was only temporary.  Even rimadil is short term and certainly not good for a dog's liver and can cause potential long term effects.  I have not tried the canned food but imagine it would work just as well.  I have even heard from people with young dogs with severe joint pain and soreness where this diet improved them immensely.  This diet is highly recommended for this type of pain relief.

Hatfield, PA


Wow! What a difference this food made!!


I have a 7 year old Rottweiler who fell only once to start having her joints hurt.  When we took her to the vet we also found out that she also has arthritis.  We tried everything and then the vet finally recommended Hills Prescription Diet J/D.  This stuff is amazing.  Within a few weeks the limp went away and now she even plays with out 3 year old son :-)  Although it's pretty expensive, it's worth it to us to see her jumping around again!!

Stony Point, NY


This Food Made my Senior dog act and look like a Puppy again!


I have a 7 year old lab that I started on J/D a year ago because he was showing signs of age and painful joints. I can honestly say that this food is amazing! Not only does he run, bounce and play non-stop like a puppy, but the omega fatty acids made his coat look absolutely wonderful! He is a black lab and he always had dandruff flakes, but since being on this food his coat is bright, soft and dandruff free! He is not on any other medications so I know it's the food. The cost is more than pet store foods, but well worth it for a great friend! I highly recommend this food!

Gloversville, NY


Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Canine Mobility Dry Dog Food

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