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Hexol General Household Cleaner and Deodorant

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Strong cleaning oil in a small bottle!


Most pine oil based cleaners contain 5 to 8.7% pine oil in their formula, but Hexol contains 57%. one liter bottle will last you a long time. One capful dilutes into a gallon of water, and disinfects almost every surface, as well as leaves a fresh scent. You can even soak your feet in it, as per the bottle, to wake up tired, hot feet. This is an old time-y product, but I just recently discovered using it after they changed the pine sol formula to not contain pine oil. It isn't as pleasant smelling as pine sol, but if you mix Hexol with a bit of lemon cleaner or menthol oil, you get an even fresher scented, powerful cleaning product. as far as oil based cleaners go, this one is a keeper. Performance Hexol works on tough jobs, as well as minor jobs, and disinfects everything. Scent Hexol has a very strong pine oil scent, perfect and lovely!




Hexol General Household Cleaner and Deodorant

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