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Hewlett Packard TouchSmart 520-1020 (5201020PC) 23 in. PC Desktop

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The child like hybrid of a tablet and a pc made real.


I was a bit wary going in to this product. I have been a devoted laptop gamer for a long time and gave up desktops completely. The portability of a laptop just won me over, and the power you could get out of a gaming model was insane. Then technology began to outpace them. They would heat up, be unable to last at gaming. I needed something new. I needed something better. Thats when I laid my eyes on the Touchsmart 520. No portability, but the thing runs like a beast. It can game. It can handle graphics. And it has a touchscreen! Its like the big brother of a tablet, and it can run some serious stuff! Ease of Use Right out of the box it is all but plug and play. A few standard Windows updates and you are off and running. VERY easy to use. And quite easy to understand and get the hang of. They could have done nothing more than make the machine type for you to make it easier :D Hardware Quality Quality seems reliable, I have had no issues either small nor large while using this machine. I have absolutely NO complaints, which is a first for me as I had gotten used to having at least one issue with a gaming rig, overheating, lag, slowing down etc. Havent had any of that. Support & Service Typical and reliable. Just what one expects from HP. They do a very good job at making their customers number one. It shows in their products and their service. Durability Having yet to drop it (I hope I never do!) I can only comment on normal usage. No issues, no slow downs, no crashes etc. The machine was built to keep on going. So far it has done just that. Design One of the most compact desktops I have ever owned. Everything tucked away behind a large screen which doubles as a TOUCH SCREEN. This is one of the grandest design innovations I have seen on a desk top. Lovely. Performance Performs VERY well. I have had no issues with this machine and I have been putting it through the paces. Games well. Runs movies well, does it all and more and never utters a single complaint.


Colchester, VT


Hewlett Packard TouchSmart 520-1020 (5201020PC) 23 in. PC Desktop

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