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Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv6-1030us (NB145UA) PC Notebook

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I like it


We bought this laptop in July 2012. I am a stay at home mom and do not do any business on it - I use it to browse the internet and watche youtube. Before this laptop I owed a much more expensive Dell laptop and the screen quality was much better but overall it is a good laptop for basic needs. It is well worth the price. I like the size of the screen. Ease of Use The keyboard is easy to use, at least for me. Battery Life I hardly ever use the battery so I can not comment on the battery life. It seems to be OK. Support & Service When I had to contact HP they were great and very helpful. Design The design is just right, nothing too sophisticated. Durability My previous laptop was ruined by my toddler but this laptop seems to be much more durable.

Harrisburg, PA


This Laptop is Great


I purchased the HP Pavilion dvd6=us30 Entertainment Notebook PC about a year ago.   I honestly have to say that I've used this laptop more than any other laptops that I have ever owned.   The biggest screen is absolutely essential if you are going to spend a lot of time on a laptop.  It has made all the difference from the last one I owed, which was much  smaller.   I also love the keyboard.   It has a nice touch to it, both the keys and the roller to move around the screen.   I never use a mouse when I am working on my laptop.  I have gotten to the point where I now prefer the roller to the mouse.  The resolution on the screen is also another great asset of this laptop.  Great screen display.   If I were to replace this laptop at some point, I would definitely look at HP for my next one.   The only problem that I have experienced at all is that the battery life does not seem as long as it should be.  As long as I keep it plugged in, I'm good to go.

Franklin, OH


HP Pavillion dv6-1030us is a great laptop!


The Hewlett Packard dv6-1030us Pavillion Entertainment Notebook PC is great! I bought mine in April of 2010 from Newegg.com. It has held up well lthrough the last year and a half. I have two small children, ages 3 & 4, who like to play computer games and they are able to navigate the touch pad better than my husband. The screen is nice and big and great quality.  The downfalls to this computer are the sleek design is a magnent for fingerprints, which wipe off easy enough, but are an annoyance.  The battery life has dwindled to about two hours if fully charged. The sound adjustment bar is extremely touchy, and will over adjust if you touch it more than a second. I have found that for certain websites (such as youtube.com) to work with sound, I have to have the sound on, not muted, before opening the site, instead of trying to unmute the sound once the page is loaded.  Overall it is a great computer.  I don't take it away from home much, but if I needed something that relied on battery power, I wouldn't be as satisfied.

Allegan, MI


Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv6-1030us (NB145UA) PC Notebook

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