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Hertel All-purpose cleaner

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Hertel all-purpose cleaner simplifies house-keeping


Tired of a cleaner for each surface? A cleaner for each room to clean? Using bleach? Of have a stingy eyes and cuffing every time you use a specialized cleaner? Look for Hertel all purpose cleaner...never comer in a spray bottle. My bottle of 2 L more then 6 years old is not finish yet. I use it in a spray bottle (900 ml of water and a cap full of that product, I sometimes add vinegar not armful) for multi-surface cleaning. For the the floor I dilute about a cap in a ¾ filled bucked of water and mop the floor. The maker suggest no rinsing but I rinse sensitive areas (counters, sinks, baths and bathroom floors). The proof of how well it cleans is seen when I rinse out the cloth used and empty the bucket of soapy dirty water in the toilet. Before flushing I scrub the inside of the toilet to stains and verify while flushing the result retouch and my job is done. I even clean that part of the plumbing with no more efforts.  Like most people I have tried stronger cleaners. And Every time I became a bit over zealous I ended having to aerate to be able to continue of course it is the best way to get over scent and other odours. But I rather control the umber of minutes I aerate. And in winter it is capital. It takes less room and is less risky for the products placed in the same closet . And if a stench is present a lilted match helps. I have also used regular candles.    

Beverly Hills, CA


Hertel All-purpose cleaner

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