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Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa Mix

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Great Hot Chocolate Without the sleeplessness


This was a terrific product. I loved being able to let my small daughter have this chocolate-y good warm drink on cold days. Rich and delicious without the wakeful night. I myself have to limit the amount of caffeine I ingest to prevent heart problems. Am totally frustrated that I can no longer find this product in stores.

Ridgeley, Wv or Western MD


Delicious and Rich


I love all different brands of hot cocoa and Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa Mix is one of the best! It is so full of rich chocolate. I absolutely love the flavor. It does not come with marshmallows, but that is really not a problem since you can always add your own. I enjoy my cocoa best made with milk, and I believe that making the Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa with milk really makes the cocoa more creamy. The cocoa made from Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa Mix is very filling. I am only able to drink one cup. The only thing bad about this cocoa is that it has so much chocolate drinking too much of it can really upset my stomach.



99.9 % Caffeine Free; "Goodnight Kisses Can Kiss Me Anytime !"


 **Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa Mix** - A hot cocoa mix in individual packets.It's 99.9% caffeine free.Made with tiny morsels of hersheys chocolate. I have been buying these little boxes (*4 packets in each box*) for my mom for years;to put into little baskets I make up for her during the holidays,I have never tried them until this year.I thought I wouldn't like them *"I'm a swiss miss girl",*Thats sweet enough for me. My mother likes the old-traditional way of hot cocoa made with the powder on the stove,too sweet for me..I'll take my swiss miss thank you..... I was having a late night major sweet-tooth attack I wanted chocolate!! I scoured the house only a bag of chocolate chips , I ate a few, Nope to sweet wasn't doing it..My regular swiss miss  cocoa don't cut my cravings. Although it's good stuff...Looking at my moms basket taunting me was this box of hot chocolate..I guess I could try it and replace it.... Heating up 3/4 cup of water hot but not boiling as recommended I broke open the box and made a cup...***WOW.... This is some good stuff to have stashed around in the house if you ever do get that chocolate craving!!!*** It was good not too sweet like I expected,and not wierd tasteing like the homemade stuff on the stove. **So if you ever have those sweet tooth cravings, I suggest stash a box of this stuff in your pantry ;You won't regret it ...**   **Optional options to preperation:**  ~~ For a richer ,creamer treat,replace water with milk.(* I honestly thought it was creamy enough with the water)* ~~~ For a delicious mocha treat,Stir 1/2 contents of one envalope into 6 oz. of hot coffee.  (* I like the hot mocha mix "*replaces your cream & sugar*",  also mix  the same way put ice in the blender  and have a frozen mocha coffee....*)



Hershey's Goodnight Kisses Hot Cocoa Mix

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