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Herr's - Jalapeno Poppers Flavored Cheese Curls

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Cheese flavor yes, jalapeno no.


Herr's Jalapeno Poppers flavored Cheese Curls have a good cheddar cheese taste but the taste of jalapenos was non-existing. Not too mention they have a high sodium content. The one ounce bag I had contained 17% of my daily need of sodium. I hate to see whats in a big bag. Still in spite of that I did enjoy the cheese curls anyway but would have thought them better than average if there was at least some jalapenio flavor to them. Might as well be just regular cheese curls. I cut up some fresh jalapenos and eat them with these and then I was more satisfied though I think habaneros would have better heat wise for my fiery palate. I wish these were better but they are just not, why can no company make a decent spicy snack? I really should make my own. At least the word jalapeno did appear in the ingredients, so even though I did not taste it, they did at least use it unlike those habanero doritios that did not use habaneros. I shall quest on for a good fiery snack because I know one has to be out there somewhere.

Suffolk, VA


Herr's - Jalapeno Poppers Flavored Cheese Curls

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