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Hey guys I just started herbalife three days ago. Now before I start writing my review I just want everyone that may read this that I am also a distributor. I am not going to candy coat my review thought I promise. I have pros and cons. Well let me tell what the product has done for me. I am using the advanced weight management program so that I can loss some extra pounds. My goal is 20 and after three days I have lost two pounds. The best thing is is that I have not changed my way of life other than having my shakes(which tastes amazing and i'm not just saying that) My energy level has gone up and over I love the product. Now to clarify some of the post that I have read on here and to provide you with some facts. Herbalife and all of their products are FDA approved and are sold in more than 65 different countries. Thats means that 65 different FDAs have had to approve of them as well. We do not give you supplements that only last two weeks. We give you a supplement that you may have to take 1-3 times daily but you are given enough to last you 30 days. Another thing that I read was headaches and I can say that I also had some out of the ordinary headaches the first and second day. So far today i'm doing just fine. The headaches and sometimes you may get some type of a blister almost are signs that the body is releasing toxins out of the body. Other than that the only other problem that I have had is that when I drink the herbal tea concentrate my stomach gets a little upset. I don't do well with hot tea as it is but usually I can drink cold tea. Weird I know. So i'm don't drink the tea anymore. I stopped that yesterday and have been fine today. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to talk with you. my email is mea4ps@yahoo.com and look at my website at swannysnutritioin.com AGAIN I AM A DISTRIBUTOR FOR HERBALIFE. I truly feel though that I did not show any bias opinions in this review and I hope it helps. I just wanted to share my results with you all and hopefully help you out. Thanks again and have a great day.

Mc Cook, NE


Herbalife Products

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