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Herbalife Multivitamin cleanser

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nourifusion multivitamin cleanser works better than anything els


I used to use another popular brand for years but the older I got it didn't seem to work as good as it did when I was younger. The Herbalife Nourifusion Multivitamin cleanser is one of the products that has given me terrific skin and no wrinkles so far for the age of 45. It took about a month of using it in conjunction with other nourifusion products using in the morning and before bed but it helped with blotchy skin, larger pores, and even skin tone. It is light weight and is nutrition for the skin. It contains vitamins A, C, & E and made in Italy. These products are better than I expected them to be. I didn't think it would take care of my skin issues I started having due to age since the popular brand I used for years wasn't working but I became pleasantly surprised with the results and the price is no more expensive than any of the other brands out there. The fact that it has vitamins in it which is nutrition for the skin makes me a user of this product for life.

Dillsburg, PA


Herbalife Multivitamin cleanser

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