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Herbal Essences
Herbal Essences Set Me Up Extra Hold Mousse

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Best mousse so far.


I just recently cut all of my hair super short and need something else to style with. I was given the suggestion of using mousse instead of gel to style my hair. I went and purchase this Herbal Essence Set Me Up Extra Hold Mousse. I absolutely love this mousse. I know this is the first one that I have tried, but I will not try to find another one that works better because this one is that good. It is fairly inexpensive also and you cna always find coupons for it in the paper to get it even cheaper. I would recommend this mousse to anyone who likes the messy hair look. It works great and it lasts all day and I do not have to worry about my hair flattening or looking gross after having it in all day. I get so many compliments on how my hair looks now that I am not using spray gel. Another perk about this is a little goes a long way and a can of this mousse lasts me forever and I style my hair everyday with it. I have been using the same can since October and I am still not even close to being out of it.

Attica, IN


Cant live without it!!


     I love this hair spray! I have natural curly hair and when, I use herbal essence mousse and set me up hair spray my hair turns out perfect. I recieve so many complements about my hair and everyone loves the smell of my hair.  Also when, I am out people aways complement how wonderful my hair smells.  I would suggest this product to anyone... and everyone no matter what hair type one has I know it will be a great hairspray....I will buy for as long as it is being sold!!!

Pittsburgh, PA


Herbal Essence mousse rocks!


I use a lot of mousse.  I am not particular to brands but I do usually buy brand names.  I buy whatever I can get on sale or for a really good deal.  I love everything about Herbal essences set me up mousse.  The extra hold really does hold and I feel like my hair has extra body now.  As I age my hair has lost it's luster and body and I struggle to keep it looking as smooth as my younger days.  This stuff is fantastic.  I use it everyday, after washing, then blow dry and style with hairspray.  I almost feel like I don't even need the hairspray but habit makes me use it any way.  One of these days I will try to go without.  I bet my hair will hold shape with this mousse alone.  I would buy it over and over again.  It smells great, but doesn't interfere with my other scenty stuff.  It has really changed my hair altogether and I feel like the hair I had 10 years ago is back!  I am a customer for life!

Waynesboro, PA


pretty good, especially for the money


i found this product at a discount store, and i was happy to try it, since it was herbal essence brand. I love the smell, which is no surprise, as all of their line of products smell delicious. :) I usually just use mousse when i get out of the shower, for a get ready and go kind of thing, so I am not really an expert. However, I think that it was a little too sticky for my taste. Even after it dried, my hair was still really sticky and kind of matted. I mean this could possibly be my fault for not knowing how to do it properly. I think this is a decent mousse, kind of run of the mill, nothing really special. i hate to say that since I usually am crazy about herbal essence products. There really isnt a whole lot of stuff to say about this, it seemed to me that it was just kind of an oridinary product. I would have to say that I am not sure that I would reccommend it to a friend, simply because i wasnt impressed.

Lancaster, KY


Herbal Essences Set Me Up Extra Hold Mousse

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