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Herbal Essences
Herbal Essences Replenishing Shampoo

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Great smell, dry results.


I started using this shampoo after my sister recommended that I use it.  The herbal essences replenishing shamppo had a great scent that I really enjoyed but I found that after using this product for several weeks that my hair was not being replenished.  I had a hair appointment after three weeks of use and was told to stop using this product because it was stripping essential oils and drying out my scalp.  It was too bad because I have since tried some of their shampoo+conditioner products and not had the same results as previously but then again I do not use them on a long-term basis and find that hair products really do need to be changed from time to time.  This might be a great product for individuals who suffer from oily scalp but definitely not for those with normal to dry scalp.  I also used the coordinating conditioner with the shampoo product and it did not help so I discontinued use of the product.

Pasco, WA


awesome hair product!!!


herbal essences's products have always been a favorite of mine since i was about nine (i'm now nineteen!). this was one of the first shampoos by them i had tried and at first it was just in a little sample that i got at a britney spears concert (funny i know) but i was a huge fan and she was endorsing it at the time and told everyone to try a sample and so i did and instantly fell in love with it! it has an extremely great smell that is not overpowering but it does last for a long time. it always makes your hair really soft, shiny, and smooth without it making it greasy or greasy looking. the only problem i had ever had with herbal essences was their prices. but this is seriously worth the money because it actually works and is the best!! i figure you get what you pay for and with this, you will never be dissatisfied one morsel! i encourage everyone out there to try it like britney encouraged me, you will love it, i promise!!!

Old Forge, PA


great shampoo


I used to exclusively buy the** Herbal Essences Replenishing Shampoo**, which came in a transparent bottle. However, I think they have either discontinued this product or changed the original formula, which was far superior to the current product in my opinion. In any case, this product smells great, as it is infused with rose hips, and is lathers up really nicely in your hair. I always found that two dime sized pumps were enough to get my hair feeling clean, smooth and shiny. I'm not sure why the old formula was discontinued, and it's rather disappointing that I cannot find if anywhere anymore. The new formula smells different and does not lather as well. Somehow, I feel that it is also less effective at getting my hair clean. Try to see if you can find the old formula (light pink formula in a transparent/pinkish bottle); otherwise, I would suggest opting for a different Herbal Essences shampoo.

Fremont, CA


Herbal Essences Replenishing Shampoo

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