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Herbal Essences
Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo

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A Good Foundation


First off I'd like to say this used to be my go to product line. There was however a change in formulas more recently that left this product, for the better word, lack luster. I will however, say that Herbal Essences is good at accentuating what you already have, and is something I will keep going back to for its fragrance alone, even if the product does not do what it is promising consumers. It does an excellent job weighing hair down, I will give it that, but it doesn't straighten entirely. I've since found an after care product that will do this, but it does not provide the sleek shimmer this does. If you are looking for a pin straight finish, expect to use product and an iron because this simply is not strong enough on its own.



The only shampoo that took the curl out of my curly hair!


I am a woman who is cursed with naturally curly hair. It takes a lot of work for me to get my hair to look smooth and soft, and usually entails a combination of pricey hair care products, round brushing, and a flat iron. So, when I received an offer to try Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo for FREE through one of the websites I write for (Yahoo! Contributor Network), I jumped at the chance to try the product. However, I wasn't really expecting to see great results. Effectiveness Imagine my surprised when, after one use, my hair looked smoother, sleeker, and straighter WITHOUT having to use a straight iron! I was absolutely amazed. After all, I had tried other Herbal Essences hair care products in the past, and hadn't been very impressed with the results. I had always considered Herbal Essences a 'cheap' line of products that just weighed my hair down. But, they have completely changed my mind with their Pin Straight Shampoo. To really put *Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo *to the test I allowed my hair to air dry one day. Normally, if I let it air dry, I end up looking like a poodle! So, I was curious to see just how well this shampoo would straighten my hair without applying heat. Well.....I was stunned. No poodle curls! Instead, my hair had a bit of a 'wave' to it, but there were no defined curls at all. Amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo to my family and friends. It is the only hair care product I have ever used that straightened my hair with such ease. I will continue to use this shampoo as long as it is available, and I hope that's for a very long time. Scent This product is easy to use, it smells great, it lathers well, it doesn't weigh my hair down, and it has taken a lot of work out of my morning hair care routine. I wash my hair, towel dry it and blow dry it with a round brush. That's it. My hair looks smooth and frizz-free. No curls!

Jacksonville, NC


Great Smell and Great Price


I use this product every single day. I love the great price and the light and fragent smell. It goes on sale frequently and there are usually always coupons out for this product. It keeps my hair looking shiny and smooth. I have very long hair and I don't have to use a huge amount to get a great lather. Also another important feature is that the smell lasts all day long, unlike other products. It always makes my hair feel super clean after I use it. I like the way the bottle opens as well. It is easy to open while in the shower and if my hands already slippery from soap. Also, because the top is flat, you can turn it upside down to get the very last drop out. So you don't have to worry about wasting a drop. Also, it washes out of my hair well, even though it has such a great lather. I haven't ever noticed a problem with trying to rinse it all out. Once I go to dry my hair, I notice that it does smell to dry with less fly aways than with other products. Also, my hair seems to stay straighter looking and less tangled looking.

Boiling Springs, SC


Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo

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