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HerStyler Tourmaline Curling Iron

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The Herstyler Curling Wand Is Absolutely amazing!


Im 13, i got some herstyler curlers for christmas, i had heard of them before and i went round to my friends house and saw that she had them, i asked if i could use them to try them out, I did my whole head in around 20 minutes, it was so easy, this gave me more encouragement to buy them as they worked so well and were so easy to use. I tried them out again on christmas day, it did take me longer as i wanted it to be perfect but it still only took half an hour, I sprayed a tiny bit of hair spray in and they lasted all night and the following day after sleeping with the curls in they were still in place!! Although they are quite expensive they are worth every penny!!

New York, NY


The Herstyler is a bit pricey but worth it.


I purchased the Herstyler for my daughter last year as a birthday gift. They showed us how easy it was to use and came down a little on the price so i decided to purchase it. When we got it home we realized that they definitely made it look easier than it actually was. We were unable to curl our hair with it. It would bend the ends of our hair. We do love it as a straightening tool though. It heats up rather quickly and is thin and easy to handle. It quickly straightens your hair and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking healthy unlike some other flat irons. I do recommend using a spray before you use the styler on your hair, which will keep your hair from looking frizzy and dried out. I use this straightner on a daily basis and I am very satisfied with the results that I get from it. I only wished we could figure out how to curl our hair with it, then it would be the ultimate styling tool.

Birch Run, MI


love that it protects against humidity


One of the features I really love about this Herstyler is that it is multi-functional. It can be used to straighten or curl your hair. Although I wouldn't suggest using on fully wet hair, the herstyler can be used on damp hair without causing any heat damage. Another feature I like about the herstyler is that it heats up super fast. I think it only takes about 60 seconds. I really like the texture of my hair when i use this product. It makes my hair smooth and shiny. Even when I am curling my hair. The ceramic plates of the flat iron also help to protect your hair from the high temperatures. This is the only flat iron i have ever used that has not caused any knid of damage to my already overdryed hair. I purchased my Herstyler at the mall last year and it still works like brand new. Many of the other flat iron brands I have tried (such as the chi) stopped getting as hot as they used to and would shut off in the middle of using it. The Herstyler also comes with a lifetime guarantee so you definately gets your money's worth.  

San Antonio, TX


The Herstyler with tourmaline plates is incredible.


The Herstyler with tourmaline plates is the most incredible flat iron I have ever used.  I have very thich hair that usually takes forever to flat iron. Not with the Herstyler,it is very lightweight and just glides through my hair leaving it silky smooth. I have tried so many flat irons in the past and this is by far my favorite.  I have another Herstyler but it is ceramic not with tourmaline plates and that makes a big difference in the silkiness of your hair.  The plates are curved so you can curl your hair or flip if out also.  I have done both and it does a great job at all.  It heats up very quickly and is very lightweight.  It also comes with a little travel bag.  I have never found a flat iron tat will keep my hair straght for days but the Herstyler with tourmaline plates does.  Whether your hair is thick and course or fine, the Herstyler with tourmaline plates will do a great job. I tried it out on a friend of mine who has fine hair and it worked just as great on her hair.  This is a must have in flat irons!

Springfield, MO


HerStyler Tourmaline Curling Iron

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