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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Hempz hemp hydrating shampoo

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smells nice and hyrates fry hair


As a cosmetologist I have found that the hemp line is the only line I use on my self and clientele. It has a wonderful smell and is made from a natural grown plant called hemp. Hemp oil is extracted and provides nourishment and hydration to each keritinized strand of hair. It leaves hair feeling soft and more durable to everyday exposures. Sun and other debiltating wear and tear can contribute to dry hair and itchy scalp. With and acid balanced and hydrating shampoo it helps to prevent minor damage to the hair and prevent further scalp issues as well. Providing that you use the other hemp products ensures the integrity of your hair and simplify the amount of work done to your hair. The hemp products are a small line but if others knew of the amazing results you could have, everyone would have beautiful and luscious hair.

Las Vegas, NV


Hempz hemp hydrating shampoo

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