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Helman Group
Helman Group Popcorn Maker

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Good Popcorn Machine with a Vintage Look


I love the vintage/retro look of this popcorn popper. The red is a very pretty, bold color.Its a good size, not too big or too small, and looks very cool on our kitchen counter top. After about 3 minutes, you can pop a good amount of popcorn and find very few kernels left behind. It is also a very safe popcorn popper and I can leave it sit without worries. The outside doesn't get very hot either so if you have littler children you can safely leave them around it. Cleaning this machine is very easy as it comes apart and can be wiped clean. At a low cost this popcorn maker is very efficient and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it. Performance Pretty fast and efficient. Ease of Cleaning We wipe ours out constantly. Very easy to clean. Comes apart. Ease of Use Very easy. Durability Has held up for over a year.




A nostaligic looking popcorn machine that does what it should


I like the design of this unit and the quality of the popcorn it makes. My kids like the way it looks like a movie theater popping machine, and enjoy watching it being made. Performance This pops corn in about 2 or 3 minutes and there are very few leftover kernels. It is a little noisy, but not unbearable. Settings/Features There are no real settings, and you simply put it the corn, turn the switch and wait. The features are good enough for what this machine needs to do. Ease of Cleaning There is not much maintenance that needs to be done, other than cleaning out the dust from the corn holder area. Ease of Use This is really simple to use, and even my teenage kids who hate cooking can make popcorn when they want. Durability I bought this machine about 1 year ago and it still works and looks like new. I expect it will last for many years to come.




Great popper for less calories.


My husband bought this popcorn popper for me as a Christmas present as I needed a healthier way of eating my popcorn.  Although this would probably not have been the popper that I personally would have picked out because of its size, it is very nice to have. It is quite boxy and a little obnoxious.  It does have a fun look and size when I have guests over for a movie night.  People have been impressed by the fact that it is somewhat in movie theater style.    The popper pops the kernals fully, so that you don't have to worry about accidenally chomping down on a seed, as has been a problem of mine with pan popping.     I only gave this popper a three because I do have to warm it up for a couple of minutes before I throw the seeds in the popper.  It is also fairly loud so I have to stop a movie or pop during comercials when watching the tube.  As far as the size goes, I have finally found a good place to store it. Under the kitchen sink.  This way I don't have to take the top off to store.


Niagara Falls, NY


This Popcorn popper makes great popcorn and looks cool!


My mother-in-law got me this Helman Group RHP-625 Popcorn Maker for Christmas and I absolutely love it!  It looks so bright and cool!  It has an old-fashioned popcorn maker look but sits right on the counter top!  I can fit mine on my counter right under the top cabinets.  We have had an old air popcorn popper and I can taste a definite difference between the poppers.  This popcorn popper's popcorn tastes MUCH better.  After an entire serving there were only a few kernals that didn't pop.  And the popcorn perfectly popped!  No popcorn was burnt or under popped.  Its very easy to use too.  There is a tray on top that measures how many kernals you can add in.  It pops about 6 cups worth.  Plenty for 2 people.  The only negative is that the directions state that you have to wait 15 minutes before popping more popcorn.  I don't really understand why, but this is a definite problem if you are trying to pop enough for the whole family.  Otherwise, I'm very happy with this popcorn popper.


Layton, UT


This made me really enjoy making popcorn


As a popcorn freak, I knew I needed something more than the microwave. Though the microwave works just fine, it does tend to leave a strong popcorn smell in there for a while, meanwhile the Helman popcorn maker is more out in the open, the smell can go wherever it pleases and won't make my next microwave meal taste like popcorn. The design of this maker is what drove me to buy it in the first place, it has a cool vintage cinema design to it, it fills my kitchen counter really well, it's not too big neither too small, just the right size for a popcorn maker. I will say that the somewhat negative about this machine is the wait time to make a new batch, but it's not that bad. It only happens when I need to make more for guests, but I just make in advance not to have my guests waiting. The popcorn comes out great from the machine, tastes great just as well. Way better than the microwave, healthier too.


Beverly Hills, CA


Helman Group RHP-625 Popcorn Maker is so retro


The **Helman Group RHP-625 Popcorn Maker** is a beautiful, retro, bright red popcorn machine that makes perfectly popped popcorn that you can add anything to. This is an electric hot air popcorn machine that is easy to use and easy to clean. It is a bit on the bigger side, for those of you who do not have the extra counter space. If you do have the extra counter space, this is a perfect popcorn maker for you because it is so classy and cute sitting out on the counter. It does NOT require oil; it only uses hot air for popping. I like this popcorn maker because it does not use oil, and I can add whatever I want to my popcorn without it being unhealthy. The only down side is the popcorn comes flying out of the machine at times, which can make a mess. Note: The popcorn kernels are sold separately. You can also buy popcorn flavorings separately.


Vista, CA


Helman Group Popcorn Maker

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